St.Tropez self tan was the first ever self tanner I bought at the ripe old age of fifteen,
I saved up my pocket money and trotted off to my nearest counter and returned home with the largest
bottle of self tanning foam my fifteen year old self could afford.
Right, there and then an obsession was born and I vowed never to be without it.
Well years have most assuredly past and although I have tried many a self tanning product in my time,
St.Tropez is the one brand I can happily slap on without a second though safe in the knowledge that once it has developed I will awaken to a natural olive tan.

With Valentine's Day around the corner (groan) you may have already planned what you will be wearing to woo the opposite sex, a cocktail dress or a flirty play suit perhaps? 
Either way I know when I want to feel and look my best I merrily bronze myself up, bronze being the operative word anyone who seek an orange "glow" needs help, help I'm not qualified to offer.

If you are new to the self tanning world then I do recommend starting with St.Tropez as it is pretty much fool proof due to it being tinted you can see where you have applied avoiding annoying streaks and white patches. For the best tanning results possible I do suggest purchasing a tanning mitt, said mitt will not only prevent stained palms but it will make applying the product so much easier.

To get the best out of any self tanning product you should always exfoliate the skin a day before
and ensure the areas of skin you are going to apply the tanner to is well moisturised, paying close attention to
knees, ankles, elbows and the hair line.
I'm not really all that fussed when it comes to body scrubs or body lotions but I have been trying out St.Tropez's tan maximising body polish and body moisturiser and have to admit that they aren't half bad.
The scrub has a nice, light, gritty texture that will not only prepare the skin for tanning but also pretty great for removing traces of old self tanner and dry skin.
St.Tropez's Body Moisturiser is more akin with a body butter than a body lotion, it has a clean scent
and feels divine on the skin all the while being hydrating.
Both are good enough products but given the price tags I doubt I would repurchase.

You can find the complete St.Tropez* tanning range here - link