I tend to over look make-up brushes when it comes to blogging which is ridiculous given that they
are such a critical part of every day life for me.
2012 saw Liz Earle expand into not only cosmetics but also produce a line of make-up brushes
one of which I have been using religiously for the past month or so and feel that the time has come to
share my current blending eyeshadow brush that I can not be without.

Say hello to Liz  Earle Blend and Contour Brush is a tapered brush that is super soft thanks to the blend
of acrylic fibres, it picks up colour nicely and is a complete dream to blend out harsh lines with.
The fine tapered edge means you can also get into areas such as the lower and upper lash line with
ease and most importantly It washes well, remaining it's tight shape and softness with each wash.

Okay it doesn't look the most high end brush out there with the transparent acrylic handle,
I'm a little disappointed they didn't use the deep navy blue packaging that so many Liz Earle beauty
products now come in but what it lacks in looks it more than makes up in performance.

You know when you have stumbled across a great brush line when you want to own them all
and that has happened to me since the launch of the Real Technique brushes!

Liz Earle Blend and Contour Eye Brush* £12.50 via Liz Earle - link