Today I'm putting on my best Mystic Meg robe and gazing into my crystal ball to predict that 2013
will see the launch of Nail Beauty Boxes in the UK in 2013.

In the US there is a good few nail dedicated monthly subscription plans, 
some provide a new polish each month such as Square Hue and others such as Nail Art Society provide all you could ever need including step by step directions to create fuss free yet effective nail art.

When it comes to nails I'm pretty much fuss free, a quick file, a few coats of a good polish and I'm good to go so this sort of plan or idea doesn't really appeal to me but should a nail giant such as Models Own and/or WAH nails team up and create a box I would be all over it.
I've probably just given away a killer idea, haven't I?
 Damn it I will never be a multi millionaire living in a gold mansion at this rate haha!

What do you think? 
Is this something you think would do well in the UK and look forward to hopefully seeing a company utilize the idea or is it all a little passe now?