Thursday, January 31, 2013

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Dilettante - Review

Very recently launched is Estee Lauder's Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Dilettante along with a few other pretty pastels shades to paint your nails with for the Spring 2013 Petals Collection.
All in there is five new shades to choose from, each one more beautiful than the last and perfectly selected
to see you through Spring all the way into Summer with ease.
The collection borrows its inspiration from all things Parisian in the Spring:
"City of Paris in Spring, amazing bouquets from the flower markets, the pretty pastels of children's carousels and the pops of colour from macaroons".

Estee Lauder Dilettante is best described as a duck egg blue that is almost creeping into Turquoise territory,
the perfect mix of blue and green that is vivid yet muted at the same time.
To me it is very similar to the infamous Tiffany Blue boxes that hold precious trinkets and jewels.
While we are on the subject of packaging I have to state that I don't think I own any polish that can quite live up to the Estee Lauder polishes in terms of design - a sleek glass bottle with a gold handle and accents.
It just screams sophistication and certainly deserves a place of pride on any dressing table.

Regardless of how you would describe the colour the formula is utter perfection!
A thick polish that glides on the nails with ease and is truly opaque after two coats
and despite being thick in texture it dries in next to no time at all with a glossy finish.
The brush as you'd expect is also of high quality, long and flat but incredibly easy to use.
It's not often I say it but applying this polish was a complete dream and although they are a little pricey
at £14.50 each but the price is justified in my opinion for the formula alone.

Estee Lauder Pure Color Nail Lacquer in Dilettante* £14.50/9ml via Estee Lauder - link
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  1. Love it!!! Perfect for spring, can't wait to pick this one up

  2. Such a beautiful colour . Although estee lauder is veryyyy expensive but their product quality make it worth the splurge . Just got to know about its quality by trying out my sister's makeup :D

  3. This colour is so beautiful, but so expensive! xxx

  4. I love Estee Lauder polishes for the bottles alone... so pretty!

    Rachel from x

  5. Very pretty but maybe I can find a cheaper drugstore dupe.

  6. Ooo this isn't as expensive as I thought it was going to be! Still a definite splurge but it's a gorgeous colour.


  7. I love the color tone, but isn't as glossy as I'd like it to be. Maybe by adding a topcoat it would? Perfect transition from winter to spring color!

  8. I love this shade, the perfect baby blue :) x

  9. Really beautiful colour


  10. Nails Inc doa very similar one (not that much cheaper, I know!) called Sheraton Street which is one of my faves. Maybe a touch lighter than this but it's AMAZING as a nude.


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