Just in time for Valentines Day is a super sweet collection of heart based products by Limited Edition for M&S, hearts really are central to the design as you can clearly see.
With prices starting at £4 and the most expensive item being £9.50 there is something for everyone's budget.
The Limited Edition Heart Collection has a very young feel and would make any teenager a happy young lady come the 14th...young men take note.

First up we have the Limited Edition Heart Shadow Palette (£8.50)* which features six fairly bright shades
all of which are presented within heart shaped pans.
Although the colour scheme of the palette is fairly bright there is a few lighter shades that make wonderful highlight options.
All of the shades are shimmer based and fairly well pigmented but I do recommend using a primer with each.

Perhaps my favourite item in the collection has to be the Limited Edition Heart Blusher in Pink Mix (£6)*
which is a mosaic style blush featuring a medley of pink and mauve shades which combine to form a bright candy pink.
The blush is well pigmented, slightly shimmery but mainly matte yet brightening at the same time.
What I adore most is that each little tile is heart shaped which really adds to the visual appeal.
My only complaint is that it does not layer all that well and could render chalky on deeper skin tones.

Last but in no means least is the Limited Edition Heart Lipstick in Rose(£5)* which is a sheer yet bright blue based pink lip colour that reminds me of MAC's Girl About Town.
The lipstick has a glossy and slightly shimmery effect thanks to tiny glitter particles which are not gritty in the slightest, it feels light and comfortable on the lips.
A beautiful shade at a bargain price and certainly worth swatching on your lunch break at your local M&S.

This collection of heart shaped goodies is also available online via Marks and Spencer - link