As the title dictates it has been a while since I last sat down and wrote about products that don't float my boat. The main reason being I'm not really one to dwell on anything negative and would rather open my little space on the internet to products that I do love and enjoy.

However all things considered it can be beneficial every now and then to write about some products that you don't get on with for whatever reason as my post on Saturday with fellow beauty bloggers proved - link.
Before I begin I do want to state that just because the below products don't work for me don't me they won't for you, i'm a firm believer in trying things for yourself before forming an opinion.

First up we have a product I only reviewed yesterday - Lush's Lemon Flutter Cuticle Butter but as it is my third attempt over as many years of trying to get this product to work for me I feel its place in this post is justified. Sadly I find this cuticle butter far too thick, sticky and impossible to work with, I know many of you swear by it but for me it is one of the few products that I feel the need to scrub off as soon as I have applied!
I do quickly want to add that it does smell delicious, i'd eat it if it wasn't considered abnormal.

NYX Jumbo Lip Pencil in Rose Brown - a metallic like lavender pink...yup what the heck was I thinking?
Not even in the '80's was this a good life choice!
The shade is vile but I do rate the NYX Jumbo Pencil line in general just make sure you pick up a prettier shade than I did....seriously though a frosty lavender pink? 
Who do I think I am Pat Butcher?

When it comes to lip balm i'm really not all that fussed as long as it moisturises my lips, if they are cracked I will reach for a medicated balm but other than that I'm pretty low key in the lip balm department.
Shockingly I really do dislike Jason's Aloe & Beeswax lip balm, it's rough, gritty and requires to be heated up before application otherwise it just tugs along the lips.
No thank you, a lip balm should be soft and easy to apply not something that adds to the pain of dry lips!
The positive is that it does smell like After Eight I'm not sure what that has got to do with anything either.

Now as a massive fan of China Glaze (i'm counting down the days until the new collection hits the stands) it pains me to include one of their products but sadly one of their Christmas shades Glitter All the Way is a complete dud. Dud may be the operative word here as I have never encountered such a poor offering from China Glaze ever, it wont dry and when it does settle it is only to a tacky mess that sticks to everything.
I have tried topcoats, cold water, nail driers and other unconventional methods with no avail!

The last product that worms its way on to this post is Revlon's Lip Butter in the shade Creamsicle which is apparently Rihanna's go to shade from the line, don't say I don't teach you anything.
It's not the formula I have a problem with in fact I adore Revlon's lip butters and own every single UK shade (and a few US shades too)  but myself and Creamsicle do not get on.
On my lips it looks bizarre and almost appears as if i'm wearing slightly neon concealer yet on others it is a beautiful nude based peach...not fair at all!

What products aren't knocking your socks off recently?