Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Beating the Blemishes!

Like most with oily/combination skin I am prone to the odd break out but then again aren't we all?
Along the way through nothing other than trying and testing lots of products I have found a few items that I find helpful to quickly settle any breakouts that may occur.
I do want to stress that the products I am mentioning may render useless to those who suffer from acne
but for the occasional break out or blemish you may just find a product or two that works for you!

We all know how much I adore my Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel but when a sudden break out appears I do switch it up and go for a product targeted at clearing complexions.
My current go to product is Biore's Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser,this cleanser is gentle yet effective, it removes excess oil and all traces of dirt, not to mention I find it to help quickly clear my skin when blemishes rear their ugly heads!
This gel cleanser also cools and calms the skin and in turn it does take the redness away from the skin,
perfect for angry red spots and blemishes!

For the duration of any break out I do take a little Anti- Blemish Skinetica and apply it to the affected areas on clean dry skin, I like to to do this with a cotton bud so I can precisely target the blemishes rather than spread this product all over my face as it can be a little drying.
Essentially Skinetica is a gentle, non-greasy and free from harsh chemicals astringent, I find that it dries out any blemishes pretty much overnight and dramatically reduces the size.
If like myself you haven't had the best luck with the likes of Clearasil or other typical astringents on the market this may be one worth trying out as it does help to clear the skin without being overly harsh or in my case resulting in another breakout!

Neutrogena do not get enough credit, I honestly wish I had tried their products as an oily, spotty teenager rather than caking on heavy foundation to hide my blemishes!
Most Neutrogena skin care products are aimed at young skin types and offer oil free formulas to help keep skin clean and clear all the while being completely budget friendly.
I rely on their Oil Free Pink Grapefruit Moisturiser whenever my skin decides to flare up - it is light, doesn't clog the pores and settles to matte finish which is great for applying make-up on top of.
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser will offer enough hydration for oily/combination and even
normal skin types. However I do fear that it may be too light for drier skin types, that being said if you are only using it to clear up your skin you could use it in conjunction with your normal moisturiser?
If you have dry skin and have tested this out I'd love to hear your thoughts!

Avon's Blackhead Clearing Deep Treatment Mask gets an outing with every break out, okay it is targeted at blackheads but as it has a small inclusion of Salicylic Acid it helps to not only deep cleanse but also shrink the size of any blemishes.
I don't really have much to say about this mask other than if you are on the lookout for a deep cleansing, blemish busting mask that won't break the bank then this is certainly one to try out.

Lastly we have my secret weapon against blemishes! Say hello to Healgel!
Healgel Intensive is one of the few products you will not believe the hype until you have actually tried it for yourself, this light serum like substance speeds up the skins recovery and encourages it to heal itself quicker than it would naturally making it a blemish's worst nightmare.
To use you simply apply a little of this light silky non-greasy substance to the affected area 2-3 times a day
and allow it to work your magic and that it will!
The first time I used this I applied it to a nasty spot on my forehead and literally woke up the next day to find it gone, one application was all it took, needless to say I have been hooked on this miracle product since.
I have yet to find a blemish that it hasn't cleared up in the space of two days but like I said you really do have to try it to believe it.
It soothes, it heals and most importantly it works...blemish prone readers make it your next purchase!

Do you you have any must have blemish fighting products?

Products Mentioned
Biore's Blemish Fighting Ice Cleanser 200ml/£4.99 via Boots - link
Anti- Blemish Skinetica* 100ml/£9.99 via Skinetcia - link
Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Oil Free Moisturiser* 50ml/£4.99 via Boots - link
Avon's Blackhead Clearing Deep Treatment Mask 75ml/£1.75 (currently half price) via Avon - link
Healgel Intensive* 30ml/£37.50 via Urban Retreat - link
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  1. I love posts like this but I have to add I was so disappointed with the Biore cleanser! I have recently developed 25, and took my clear, spot free skin for granted during my teenage years. life is so unfair. so i've been scouting out and spending my bank account on a variety of bad skin cleansers, doctor recommendations etc. and Biore was something i was so excited to try - my Dr told me it should work on my skin. Instead, after using once daily for all of four days, it gave me the driest skin imaginable which left me in quite a difficult situation - dry, acne skin! I felt like a monster! I'm sure this works well on others but it made me so sad. Will try some of your other recommendations though!

  2. I still really don't like the rebranding of Biore. I keep trying to get used to it but it ultimately puts me off buying their products. Silly I know.


  3. I love a bargain blemish busting blog post. Ohh i'm almost a poet!

    I love the half price deals Biore have at the moment. I also found that my local Sainsburys wear selling two items at 70% off, so keep your eyes pealed.

    Jules x

  4. I have never tried any products by Biore but I really like the sound of them!
    My skin sounds similar to yours, but my break-outs sound far more frequent :(
    I'm going to look for this cleanser next time I'm out and about :)

    Rae xx

  5. I like Neostrata Spot Treatment Gel - it works but it does sting a little. My skin is prone to breakouts too as I have combination/oily skin and I do struggle to find good stuff. Am intrigued by the Biore ice cleanser and heal gel - I thought skinetica was quite drying and found the smell quite offputting - love the smell of the pink grapefruit Neutrogena stuff but doesn't seem to do anything for my skin. Great post

  6. Ive tried every spot gel on the market and the only one that worked on me was the clinique spot gel.x

  7. I used the Biore product before, but I did nothing for me apart from give a breakout! However I do love the Skinetica which I have started using just over a week, and have seen great results :).

  8. Thanks for the tips, I have recently had quite a few breakouts so i am going to order a few of these products to try! xxx

  9. Definately going to check out Skinetica and the Biore Cleanser!

  10. Great post, i have some skinetica but was not keen when i tried it i must give it another go!:)

  11. Fab post! I swear by Garnier's Pure Active Unclogging Wash and Toner. My skin went crazy after foolishly trying oil cleansing and this was the only thing that brought it back to normality.

    Nicola xo

  12. I got Skinetica a while ago in a beauty box and am not a fan. It didn't work at all for me and I didn't like the feeling of it on my skin. Love Neutragena visibly clear though!
    Daniella x

  13. really want to try that Biore cleanser, sounds good for oily skin! :) x

  14. Great post! I love the biore blemish fighting cleanser it gets all of the dirt and oil out of my skin really well! :)

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