Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks - Review

A new collection of 17 shades of lipstick dubbed the Rouge Edition have just hit the Bourjois stands and let me tell you it is hard to walk away with just one shade!
Unlike other launches the shades have been split into three colour families  Preppy (For Style Addicts) - five mainly nude shades that are perfect for everyday wear such as for work or those who simply enjoy a nude lipstick or two! Colour Block (For Bright Eye-Catching Colours) a collective of six bright and bold shades, my favourite shades all nestle in this colour group and lastly Night Out (Shades for Divine Glamour) which features six deep, vampy and perfect for a night on the tile shades.

As mentioned I couldn't walk away with just one of these sleekly designed lipsticks and took full advantage of Boots current buy one get one half price offer.
With 17 shades available it was pretty difficult to narrow it down to just two shades (undoubtedly I will go back for more as the months roll on) but I'm happy with my choices and know they will see me through spring/summer '13 with ease.

09 Orange Pop Up - Described as pure orange-y fun, fruity and zesty and I have to agree but on the lips this can lean a little more coral than orange but that is part of the reason why I adore the shade so much.
If you like shades such as MAC Vegas Volt or any orange based coral this is one to top your wish list!
Orange Pop is a fairly opaque shade that has a light creamy sheen finish and a yellow undertone so it should suit most.

11 Fraise Pink - Bourjois list this as a fruity pink but to further describe the shade I would state that it is a bright, almost neon yellow based mid tone pink that is difficult to compare to any other shade I own but pushed I would say it is similar to MAC's Impassioned.
If you like bright in your face shades without going down the neon route then it is one to try out.
Again this shares the same creamy texture and light sheen finish.

The formula of the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks are light, silky and feel almost gel like on the lips.
Neither shade clung to dry patches and felt soothing, hydrating and almost balm like on the lips.
On the lips both shades share a light sheen finish that is not really glossy and appears to be more creamy than anything else, think MAC Cremesheen lipsticks and you'll have the general idea.
Bourjois do claim that the formula will offer hydration for up to 10 hours which I do to be a slight exaggeration as the lipstick tends to wear for close to four hours but given that it is very moisturising when on the lips, jam packed with pigment and does not highlight flaws I feel we can let that fact slide!

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipsticks £7.99/ via Boots - link
currently on offer as buy one get one half price.

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  1. These look lovely, I'm goingto have to nip to Boots now!



  2. They look lovely lipstick! Lovely colours!:)


  3. i love the packaging for these,
    they look so pretty!

    BreezeyBee Blog

  4. These are so bloody gorgeous! i love how much pigment they have to them

    www.andiijamesblog.com xx

  5. I also have Fraise Pink and I absolutely love it <3

  6. Very pretty x

    Kate @ sparkle dust

  7. I need some of these! Swatched them on my hand on my lunch break but couldn't choose! Was really impressed with the pigmentation and the finish though will probably buy them all Haha x


  8. I was in boots at the weekend but was in such a rush I couldn't choose properly but Fraise Pink is a stunning colour, think I'll be heading back in for that beaut :)

  9. LOVE these colours! i love gel like formula's too.

    ps - im a scottish beauty blogger too!



  10. I love no11! xxxx

  11. such pretty colours, love it



  12. Wow orange pop up has definitely just gone to the top of my wishlist!
    This range looks so stylish, I love bourjois :)

    Rae xx

  13. I have Fraise Pink and LOVE it, I need more.

  14. Oh no, another thing I need :( I actually like the Orange one more!

    Nicola x


  15. I really love the 09 orange one! Looks awesome!


  16. These look lovely - definitely going to check them out next time I'm in Boots :)

    Lynsey xx

  17. Thanks for spreading the word, I got to keep my eye out for these next time I'm in Boots! x

  18. Oooh! Both the colours your picked are lovely! Reminds me of spring already~ :D

  19. Glad to hear of another moisturising lipstick! Can't wait to head down to my local Boots for a look :) x


  20. the first one is so pretty! x


  21. these are so lovely but iv just bought so many new lip products! guess my bank balance will needs to take another hit... oh well!

    Jo x


  22. I love collecting lipsticks, now I want this one haha
    Really love the packaging, always a draw for me!
    Fashion Ganache.

  23. I've got 2 and 10 and can't get enough of them! Definitely going to get more!

  24. Beautiful lipsticks!! I really want to try these!


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