If like myself you have found yourself a little enamored with Moroccan Oil then you may want to check out a slightly more pocket friendly yet just as effective Moroccan Argan Oil brand that is easily found in
Boots stores, say hello to the Argania Hair Care range.

Like most I am trying to grow my hair so in turn I'm all about nourishing and taking good care of my hair particularly the ends but the more it grows the more troublesome it has become.
Not a day goes by that I don't awaken to head full of knots that even my Tangle Teaser struggles to solve
so when a long haired friend shared her hair care secret straight to Boots I trotted.

Unlike other Argan oil products I have tested out over the past few months this brand has a rather nice vanilla scent (sweet, a little like ice-cream) and as my good friend promised when the shampoo and conditioner are use together my hair is certainly much easier to brush and style.
The shampoo cleanses without drying or stripping the hair but is also effective enough to remove product build up, the conditioner is deeply nourishing and leaves my hair feeling super soft without turning it into some Katy Perry inspired cotton woo nightmare.

The oil itself I can live without it is a little too heavy for my preference but if you have really damaged hair it does make a great deep repairing treat either or dry hair as a pre-shampoo treatment or on wet hair to seal any splint ends and add a little sheen.

Argania Hair Care Range gets a thumbs up from me!
Argania Hair Care Range from £7.99 via Boots - link