Deep berry lips look great on some but for everyday wear it's not really me,
don't get me wrong for vamping it up at night it is perfect but sometimes it can be a little too dramatic.
That being said plum is one of the few purple toned shades that I can pull off, so although winter is
nearly over I'm not quite ready to say goodbye to plum lips completely.

I think to allow the trend to cross over from one season to the next is to switch up the finish
and opt for something more sheer and lighter than the deep berry and plum shades we reached for
in the run up to the festive period.

My choice is ELF's Lip Stain in Berry Blush which is a light purple toned lip stain that is easy to wear thanks to a combination of red and blue undertones, on most it will be a my lips but better and slightly more purple in tone...that sounded far more appealing in my head.
It's light, comfortable to wear, non-drying and as it is a stain it lasts longer than most lip products - in my experience it is around the five hour mark before it requires an re-application.

Not only is this a steal at £2.50 (yup really!) but the fine tip applicator makes application a dream,
you can line and define the lips in one quick step, if only all lip products were as simple!

ELF Lip Stain in Berry Blush* £2.50/2.2g via ELF - link