By now you will probably have gathered a few things about me, I like Candles, Cats and Christmas,
I'm also partial to the odd beauty product or ten but let's stick with the alliteration shall we?
Being a complete stickler for tradition and memories this year me and my family decided to pick one
Yankee scent and buy a few candles and tarts to scatter around the house so should we ever detect the
scent again we would be instantly reminded of this period of time.

We all settled on Yankee Sparkling Snow as it is light, fresh and delicate yet crisp and clean just like snow should be without having a fabric softer scent which Yankee do like to over use.
Sparkling Snow reminds me of a cold chilly winters morning, the type of day that sees snowmen in front gardens, iced over ponds and icicles on roof's a fragrance that is hard to pin point
but Yankee Sparkling Snow is all of the above personified in wax form.

I picked up two of Sparkling Snow in glass tumbler form as I couldn't source the large or mid sized jars locally but unbeknown to me the top layer of each candle in this scent has a light layer of pearlescent wax
which doesn't really pick up on camera but it is there and it is a beautiful little finishing touch.

Now all I need to do is pick up my annual Christmas Eve Yankee candle and I am ready for the big man
in red to visit.

Do you have any Christmas must have scents?

Yankee Sparkling Snow £9.25 via eBay - link