Recently I went Christmas shopping for one of my good friends and as she has just bought her first house, she has asked everyone to pick her frivolous things that she won't be able to afford for a long while (don't worry she doesn't read my blog, supportive yes but she doesn't get blogging at all) so I went to few stores such as Lush and Boots on the mission to make her a huge beauty hamper.

One of the items I picked up was Boots Natural Collection Fabulously Fruity Minis Collection,
which has 6 mini bottles of fruity scented body lotions, shower gels and shower cremes.
All fine and dandy I hear you say, well I decided that my shower also needed said gift set 
and as it was 3 for 2 it would be rude not too? 
If you can justify it, the shopping guilt quickly surpasses, least that is what I tell myself while weeping 
over my receipts and empty bank!

What I enjoy most about this little kit (price tag aside) is that each shower product has a matching body lotionwhich helps to layer the scent and prolong wear time, that and i'm a sucker for co-ordinating bath and body products, i'm the same way about underwear...not that anyone wanted to know that!

The three scents are Wild Strawberry which is creamy, sweet and a little artificial but in no way cheap and nasty - if you like strawberry scents you will also enjoy this variation.
The vanilla scent is soft and delicate yet slightly musky and my favourite of the bunch has to be Mango and Papaypa which is a bright, fruity scent almost cocktail like and perfect for cheering up a cold, 
winter morning which are now in full swing!
The shower gels cleanse well without drying out the skin and the body lotions have a great texture,
very thick but easily absorbed into the skin all the while hydrating the skin!

Boots Natural Collection Fabulously Fruity Minis Collection £8 (6x75ml) via Boots - link