Most Wednesday's from now on will feature a wish list of some sort mainly because I enjoy

creating them and it seems that most enjoy having a little nosey too.
For me wish lists are a great reference tool to look back on and to encourage me to read more reviews
on any of the make-up items that I may be lusting after before splashing the cash.
Truthfully I won't be purchasing any more make-up until January as Christmas is so near
and I have only asked for surprises...I'm hoping for some Nars bits and bobs but I guess we shall see.

1, I have seen Urban Decay's Mushroom in various YouTube tutorials and it never fails to dazzle me,
it is in one of Urban Decay's palettes but I do think I'd prefer it in singular form as I have enough
eyeshadows as it is and I may or may not (I did) purchase the new Urban Decay palette...oops!
£14 via The House of Fraser - link

2, I have just painted my room white, with little silver accents and it is pretty much how I like it,
simple, clean and actually grown up for once and to reflect that I think once Christmas is past I will
invest in a few Jo Malone candles to scatter around for a little ambiance.
My favourite scent is Pomegranate Noir which is fruity yet deep and sexy at the same time.
£38 via Selfridges - link

3, Speaking of sexy scents one quick whiff of Tom Ford's Violet Blonde and I quickly fell in love,
yes most say that with Tom Ford you are paying for the name but I don't deem that to be true
as I own Black Orchid and not only is it an original scent but it can change my frame of mind.
Nobody does power scents quite like Tom Ford in my opinion.
From £48 via Selfridges - link

4, Everyone seems so conflicted about Chanel Soleil de Tan, with some complaining it is a little
orange and over rated. I have swatched it in store and didn't feel one or the other about it,
the main reason I may purchase it is because I prefer cream to powder products 
and I think it would make a great winter bronzer?
£30 via The House of Fraser - link

5, I'm going through one of those phases in which I want everything Nars has created,
that of course won't happen but topping my list is Nars's multiple in South Beach which is a light
golden bronze that can be used to highlight anywhere on the face.
I had this in the past but got bored of it and gave it away now all I can do is kick myself...sigh!
£29 via Space NK - link

6, This is more a gentle reminder to myself to pick up OPI in My Private Jet when I am at Sally's tomorrow
which is of course famed for once being Kim Kardashian's favourite deep toned nail polish.
It is very pretty and slightly glittery making it perfect for the festive period which is now in full swing.
£11 via Beauty Bay - link

7, Believe it or not I do not own a decent matte nude lipstick and as I have some empty MAC products
that I've yet to return I think I shall plump for MAC's Velvet Teddy which is famed for being the nude
lipstick that Megan Fox relies on and who doesn't want to look just a teeny, tiny bit like her.
£14 via MAC UK - link

8, Regular readers will know that I am only one step away from bathing in Theirry Mugler's Alien scent
but I do like to broaden my scent wardrobe every now and then and that is where Loverdose by Diesel
steps up to the plate.
In many ways it reminds me of my beloved Alien but it is lighter and slightly more floral
but completely and utterly a beautiful fragrance.
From £30 via Boots - link

What are you currently lusting after?