How lovely are your branches?
If my tree could talk he or she would reply "Mighty fine, little lady" alas it can not, sad times!
As mentioned a few times now the 12th of December is the day myself and my family dust off the ol' tree
and deck with a few hundred baubles...go big or go home, it's all about the glitz and glamour.

Along with the Christmas Tree for the last few years we have been burning Yankee's Christmas Tree
on the 12th as it is a strong pine scent that mimics the fragrance of a real Christmas Tree
without all the annoying shedding of the pine needles.
Anyone who has ever stood on a vertical pine needle will sympathize 
and understand why we now decorate an artificial tree.
Yankee Christmas Tree is fresh and reminds me of the outdoors, it is not as synthetic
as other Yankee scents and is one of my must have festive scents from the brand.

The run up to Christmas is all about traditions be it ones that are years old or creating your own
to continue in the years to come and this year we have decided to start a new one which is
snuggling down in our merriest pajamas and viewing the film Deck the Halls with some treats...bliss!

Do you have any Christmas traditions?

Yankee Christmas Tree Wax Tart £1.98 via eBay - link