This is my penultimate wax tart post of 2012 as I have a super cute post tomorrow featuring
a wax tart and one of my family Christmas traditions but enough about that for now
and on to a few wintry picks I have been burning to turn my house into a mini winter wonderland.

Be Jolly £2.65 via eBay - link

This is the tart that I burnt a good few times this time last year and as soon as I smell it that is all
I can think about which was when I got a little kitty cat...good times!
Be Jolly is a bright burst of berry goodness mixed with a sugary kick, all festive cheer and no spice.

Festival of Lights £2.65 via eBay - link

Festival of Lights has of course been created to celebrate Hanukkah, 
I'm not Jewish but I oddly enjoy the mix of spice, fruit and pot pourri.
This is a little cinnamon heavy but really warming and festive.

Happy Christmas £1.98 via eBay - link

If like myself you really enjoy festive scents but don't really go for the whole everything
must be spicy to be considered fitting for Christmas then this is the scent to go for as it is
a blend of both pine and berries, to me it reminds me of fresh Christmas wreaths.

Icicles ( I can't find for a reasonable price...sorry!)

It seems Yankee go down two routes with their festive offerings - warm and spicy or light and clean.
Well Icicles is a light, clean scent that is combined with a little mint kick for a bright cherry scent
that is not too distant from Candy Canes!

Red Apple Wreath £1.98 via eBay - link

This seems to be the bloggers Yankee scent of choice at the moment with a good few of my favourite
bloggers mentioning this here and there, yes it is a lovely enough bright red apple scent
coupled with light accents of pine and spice.
It is very festive but a little too cinnamon based for my personal taste.

Welcome Christmas £3.40 via eBay - link (link is for a candle not the tart as it is out of stock)

If you like the sound of Red Apple Wreath but like myself you could do without the spicy accent
then Welcome Christmas is the way to go as it shares the berry and pine notes,
with a sneaky detection of Apple but not a drop of!

Do you have any Christmas scent must haves?