I had much grander plans for tonight up until yesterday when it seems that myself and 90% of my family
have contracted some ungodly Winter virus.
I'm praying and hoping with all my might that it disappears by tomorrow,
so I can go out and see in the New Year with a good few of my friends,
I guess that remains unseen until then!

This weeks pamper isn't all that exciting just a warm, sudsy shower with Philosophy's Amazing Grace
shower gel*, followed by a good measure of the co-ordinating body butter, PJ's and then bed
to try and sleep off the germs that are currently invading my body!

In the hope that I will be out tomorrow night with the best of them I will be putting Clinique's Mositure
Surge Overnight Mask* to the ultimate test a.k.a make me look human again and painting my nails 
with Essie's Muchi Muchi which is the perfect shade for the dress I am wistfully hoping to be slipping
into for the bells.

Have a great New Year's Eve everyone!