Essie Nail Wraps for 2013

This coming January sees Essie join the already bulging legion of nail wrap offerings.
Generally speaking I am not the biggest fan of nail wraps, stickers or decals, I find them to be messy
and a complete waste of my time as they never apply perfectly.
That being said I do think the Essie designs above trump those that are currently available
and with Essie being a good quality nail brand I do expect the high quality I associate with the polishes
to translate through to the nail wraps.

What are your thoughts?
Are you excited to trial these or are nail wraps best left alone?

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  1. Omg they look so beautiful, i hope they dont dissapoint, cant wait to try them out!:)


  2. I've never used nail wraps but some of my friends swear by them! It would be interesting to see if they are any good, I look forward to reading any reviews!


  3. I really like the ones on the last row, second to right! X

  4. Never tried nail wraps, but I like those ones with writing on. Very cute. :)


  5. They look funky - especially liking the last three in the 2nd row.

  6. love essie cant wait for these if you like this well youll like our blog every-thing-us.blogspot.com xxxxxxxxxx

  7. I don't like wraps, have never even bothered trying them on, {and still won't} but Essie sure did a great job with these designs! More feminine, less teeny bopper/Avril Lavigne-ish!

  8. I used them once and hated them but they were a cheap brand plus these patterns are gorgeous!
    I have just started a blog and would love if you would come and check it out sometime! :)

  9. I'm not the greatest fan of nail wraps, never got the fab but I think these designs are lovely! I Want to like them!! xx

  10. these are lovely, nail wraps just don't bode well with me! x


  11. I definitely like using nail wraps, because they are so easy to apply, last long & have no dry time. However, I think (with the exception of the rhinestone/sparkle designs) these designs from Essie are awful!

  12. I got really confused by these earlier this year, they've had their little part on the high street stands for about a month now that has remained empty it's been totally early considering they're being launched in 2013. I'm not really a fan of most of these designs, think I'll stick to the polishes (AKA my beloveds).

  13. I'm not a fan of nail wraps but love some of these designs :) x

  14. I saw the empty slots for these at a boots essie stand - I like the white ones with black writing (second last,second row) very pretty. I am excited to try these as I haven't tried nail wraps before x




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