There's not many blogging tags floating around and I rather like it that way
as after all this is not YouTube but every now and then a slightly more personal post
is great to shake things I tell myself.
This isn't a tag just some confessions from a small Scottish beauty blogger!

Hoarding a.k.a Gimmie All the Things!
Believe it or not I am not one to hoard or hold on to things I no longer use or ever liked in the first place.
If I have no use for the item one of three things happen : it gets gifted to a friend or family member
(not in a Happy Birthday sense I have a beauty bin anyone that I allow those near and dear to rummage
through and fill their boots with beauty loot), it goes to charity or if it is broken or past it's best it gets binned.
Sorry to disappoint anyone but my personal stash is rather modest and that is the way it shall stay!

No Spot Cleaning for Me
I never spot clean my brushes which does make me sound like one mucky pup 
but unlike my make-up collection my brush line up is not quite so modest as I have at least 7 of each type of
brush so I can use it once, cast it aside and deep cleanse on a Sunday.
I know some will think I am crazy, a little excessive and i'm afraid I agree.

Spider Lashes, Spider Lashes Does Whatever A Spider Lash Does...
Sometimes (should be read as most of the time) I do go a little overboard with mascara
which often results in a Spider Lash look, I try to reign it in I really do but man I just love
massive long black eyelashes....maybe one day I'll learn less is more?

I Like to Pick, Pluck and Peel...Yum!
Speaking of Spider Lashes (real terminology right thurrr) excessive mascara more often than not 
leads to stiff, clumpy eyelashes by the end of the day and that is when the real fun begins!
Ever since I was a young teen one of my guilty pleasures is pulling/scraping the mascara off my eyelashes,
pretty gross I know but shockingly therapeutic much like plucking hairs.
To add my complete dream boat image I thoroughly enjoy peeling nail polish off my nails with my teeth.
Don't you want to grow up to be just like me? (Remember when Eminem was cool!)

Oh God Another MAC Collection...I must have it all!
As most will know I am more than a little obsessed with MAC and I am the sad sack that will sit
and refresh the MAC homepage on launch day every couple of minutes or so to ensure I get my sweaty
little mitts on whatever it is that I have been lusting after.
Note to self, must get a life!

Of course I commit other crimes of the beauty kind but I felt five confessions of my weirdness is enough
for one post any more than that and I fear I may be banished to the depth of some pit less hole.

So go on confess what do you do that is considered a beauty no-no?

If you a post similar to this please send me your link as I'd love to read it.