This is more of a show and tell post rather than a review as I can't currently apply false eyelashes,
for a while now eyelash adhesive has been stinging and burning my eyes 
and as much as I would like to join the legions of fans of false eyelashes I simply can't!
If you can recommend a good silicone free eyelash adhesive please do let me know
as I would love to rock a pair of falsies this New Year's Eve.

Anyway a few days ago Sleek Make-Up launched 8 new designs of false eyelashes,
each pair are made with natural fibres and human hair so they feel soft and light on the eye
and blend well within the natural lash line.
The collection has pretty much something for everyone with natural to full on styles,
my personal favourite is the Burmilla lash which would look great paired with a smoky eye
and a pale lip for a 1960's vibe.

I was sent two pairs : Siamese and Savannah, the Siamese lash is great for adding both length and volume,
I would dub this as an evening lash as it is fairly dramatic without being theatrical or looking
too over the top. The Savannah lash is very similar to the typical double false eyelashes,
very thick and full and not for the weak of heart, this would be a great addition to any party look.

Sleek Make-Up's new false eyelash collection is available now and prices start at £6.49*,
you can find them in selected Superdrug stores and via Sleek Make-Up's web store -link