If you like the idea of having something super exclusive and what I imagine to be beautiful (all Narciso Rodriguez are divine) in scent then look no further than Narciso Rodriguez - For Her Extrait de Parfum.
With only 420 bottles available worldwide and with a £250 price tag it is safe to say you will not 
detect this fragrance on every second person on the high street!

"In for her extrait de parfum, modern musk - the iconic heart and soul of the line resonates with exquisite elements, each chosen in its most refined form to amplify the enveloping olfactory depth of the scent.
The composition presents a pure olfactory signature where the centifolia rose and orange blossom absolutes convey an exquisite sensuality as they coalesce with the rich notes of the ambrette seed essence.
The voluptuous nature of patchouli and vetiver woods lends a more profound sensuality."

The £250 price tag is a little rich for my blood but I guess you have to pay big bucks to be in with the elite!

15ml/£250 Available for the Christmas season in flagship stores: Harrods, Selfridges and Harvey Nichols