I'm aware that technically as it is the 13th of December some may deem this and any future Christmas
gift ideas I may post as last minute, in my book unless you do something at the very last minute
possible and I literally mean with seconds to spare then you are still organised....let's call it casual organisation shall we?

If you are an advocate of casual organisation or perhaps you have yet to be payed then
may I share with you my favourite bath and body gift set this side of 2012.
However if you have finished all your Christmas shopping like the clever cookie you are
then sit back and enjoy some beautiful products and perhaps hope that the big man in red
pops this under the tree for you to enjoy!

Now I'm not going to try and pull the wool over your eyes and claim that this a complete bargain at £48
but sometimes it is nice to go all out and spend a little more than you perhaps normally would on a loved
one just to see the giant cheesy happy smile on their faces...tears if they are super grateful (kidding!).
For a gift set just shy of £50 you will have certain expectations which will more than likely include 
is it good value for money and does it look good?
The answer is a big fat reasounding yes, the Delightful Almond Collection comes presented within a stunning azure blue gift box which is adorned with sweet little illustrations and a ribbon for a finishing touch
but the pretty presentation doesn't halt there, once opened the contents are nestled within
co-ordinating blue tissue paper.
As it would cost £71 to purchase the items separately without including the price of packaging I would say
it is extremely good value for any lady or gent who enjoys a good pamper in the bathroom.

So what does £48 get you?
Almond Delicious Soaps 50g (x2)
Almond Delicious Paste 50ml
Almond Milk Concentrate 100ml
Almond Shower Oil 500ml
Almond Smooth Hands 30ml

I think it is safe to say that I am rather besotted by L'Occitane's Delightful Almond Collection* £48 -link