Today the Joliebox Christmas box landed on my doorstep and I thought some may appreciate
a little peep inside but if you do not like spoilers then I highly suggest you click away from this review!

This month's box is beautifully packaged in a white and gold theme and holds 7 items
so without further ado let me share what is inside this month...

Bellapierre Shimmer Powder in Reddish (Full Size)
I'm no fan of loose pigments but this is such a beautiful shade that reminds me a little of MAC's Cranberry
eyeshadow, this is a well pigmented metallic formula that will add depth to neutral eyeshadows
and can be mixed with a little clear gloss to create a festive toned lip colour.

Dr Duve Hand & Decollete Cream (Sachets)
Truthfully I despise sachet samples and feel that this is where all sample boxes go wrong.
In a sachet you get the tiniest amount of product that is often only enough for one maybe two uses
so I never bother with them as they don't contain enough to properly gauge if it will work for me or not.
Having said that I do think it is clever that this product can be used both on the hands and decollete
as both are they areas that give away a woman's age!

I Love Cosmetics Shimmer and Shine Lip Gloss in Strawberries and Milkshake (Full Size)
For the odd bath treat you really can't go too wrong with the I Love brand particularly if 
fruity scents are your bag, this is a really sugary sweet strawberry scented lip products that
coats the lips in a light milky hue with a slight shimmer effect.
Admittedly I think this is better suited to young teens but each to their own!

Agua De Colonia Concentrada (Vial Sample)
This is a sample of a Spanish perfume that has been around for 100 years.
To me it smells very similar to Neom's Invigorate fragrance - bright and citrus fresh
and in my opinion unisex.
If you like herb type scents then I feel you will enjoy this.

Color Club Put A Pin In It Nail Polish (Full Size)
This month Color Club have created two Joliebox exclusive shades that have been inspired by social media.
I have Put A Pin In It which is a bright rose gold, perfect for the festive season.
A great sized little bottle and the shade is beautiful too, no complaints from me!

Olay Regenerist Skin Cream (7ml Sample)
If I had a pound for every time I received a sample of this i'd be at least five pounds richer.
I'm so feed up of seeing this particular cream in sample boxes as of late.
This is aimed at more mature skin types than my own so it is pretty useless to me
but I'm sure someone in my family will slap it on in the hope of winding back the years.

Natural Honey Body Milk (75ml Sample)
Normally I avoid honey scented products like the plague as I truly loathe the scent, taste and texture
of honey but this is a wonderful creamy but lightly scented product.
This apparently has 7 uses as they are not listed I have no idea what they are but you can slap on this
rich yet easily absorbed body lotion all over and reap the benefits.

I also found two bars of Lindt chocolate stashed inside my box, you can't have a merry Christmas
without a little nibble on Chocolate can you?

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