I've spoken a few times recently about how dull and drab my skin has become
and to make things worse I am currently in the midst of my worst break out of 2012,
yes that's right I keep tabs of my break outs and like to compare them much like the elderly and storms.
Anyway one of my many tricks to combat dull skin is to swap my regular cream highlighter for something
a little more yellow based than usual.

Yes I am a huge fan of Kim Kardashian's make-up style particularly the contouring element
and that is exactly what I use Art Deco's Camouflage Cream to do,
only I don't quite apply as much as she does.
I tend to apply a little under my eyes, down the centre of my nose, a little on my forehead
and of course some above my cheek bones before blending away with my foundation etc.
Above you can see a candid photo of how Ms Kardashian adds light to her face but it is probably
a little too full on for daily wear for most us despite how pretty she is.

Art Deco's Camoflage Cream in Neutralizing Yellow is a concealer at its core 
but you can use it to highlight or use it as a base for eyeshadow or to disguise thread veins.
Yellow base products help to neutralise any pink or red tones to the skin and are great for combating any signs of fatigue and give an instant glow to the skin.
The formula of Art Deco's Camouflage Creams are surprisingly light and creamy yet offer full coverage in
an instant without ever being heavy or caking on the skin.
If you have particularly stubborn dark circles under the eye area you can layer this on without worry
of it settling into any fine lines but in my experience one quick application is all I have ever needed.
My preferred method of application is to use my ring finger to warm up the concealer
as it is a little firm, then I apply it to my skin and blend out with a brush.
In terms of wear as this is waterproof once set with a little powder it really does stay put until
you decide to remove it which is never a bad thing particularly with oily skin.

Don't be fooled by it's small stature a little goes a long way and the small pre-magnetic compact
will last you forever and a day.
Even if yellow concealer is not your thing I urge you try out one of the Art Deco's Camouflage Creams 
be it in a natural shade or a neutralising shade as it is one of the best concealing products I have ever used.

Art Deco's Camouflage Cream in Neutralizing Yellow* £8.50/4.5g via Tender Loving Skin Care - link