Did I need another Bobbi Brown palette?
In a word no but when my best friend brought me this back from her travels I was hardly going to turn it
down now was I?
Truthfully I was a little shocked that she picked this for me as most of friends and loved ones
steer away from make-up as gifts for me as they worry I may already own said item.

Much like I said about the Black Pearl Palette's packaging stands for the Rich Caviar variant,
it is very preppy in style and not really what I have come to expect from the brand, in fact I am pretty sure
that Juicy Couture use a similar style logo on some of their bags?
Aesthetics aside the palette is very sturdy but constructed entirely of plastic, I don't know about you
when I pay £42 for a make-up item I do expect it to look a little more high end and luxurious!
A redeeming feature is that it has a great, clear, well sized mirror inside which is handy for on the go
applications etc.

Inside the small black shiny casing you will find six eyeshadows and rather than compiling a broad
sweeping statement of the formula below I have given a colour run down of each shade and also how
it performs in terms of texture and pigmentation.
In terms of wear I do find that the Bobbi Brown formula's fare best with a good primer
and don't really have a tendency to crease but some of the glittery shades can be tricky to blend out.

Bone (matte) - An off white almost cream in shade eyeshadow, soft to the touch but not all that pigmented
and does have to be layered on for full colour pay off.

Candlelight (metallic) -An light cool toned cream tinged gold shade that is fully pigmented and a joy to apply.

Wheat (matte) - An light cool toned tan that applies deeper than it looks in the pan.
Has good colour pay off but can turn a little ashen.

Olive (sparkle) - An old gold with an olive leaning glitter eyeshadow, non gritty and just spectacular.
The stand out shade in the palette for me.

Black Topaz (metallic) - Black with a deep green undertone, beautifully pigmented and soft to the touch.
A great alternative to any black eyeshadow.

Rich Caviar (matte) - Flat, black matte that is chalky and not the best black eyeshadow out there.
Does have to be layered on for full colour pay off.

Like many stated in the comments of the Black Pearl palette it is perfect for blonde's and those with  light/cool skin tones where as I feel the Rich Caviar palette is better suited to brunettes and those with slightly warmer and deeper complexions.
At £42 this is not cheap more of an investment piece for most of us but luckily there is enough shades to
allow you to create both day and night looks which justifies the price slightly.
However unlike myself you do not need all three of this years seasonal eyeshadow palettes as many of
the shades are similar, this has the most matte shades out of all three.

Bobbi Brown Rich Caviar Eyeshadow Palette £42/9.4g via Selfridges - link