I'm guessing it is not much of a secret that I really do love candles and wax tarts
but pushed I would have to say that Christmas scents are my favourite over anything else.
I have split my Yankee Christmas posts into two parts as I bought some samplers and wax tarts
and would prefer to show them separately as they aren't really the same thing.
For the record I prefer candles for ambiance but wax tarts for scent throw.

Yankee Apple and Pine Needle £2.55 - link
I do enjoy a good apple scent but when the winter months come a knocking, 
I prefer something a little less bright in fragrance than your typical green apple offering.
As we have a lot of pets and frankly it's not really environmentally sound to be chopping down real trees
to stick a few lights on, I like to pick up pine scents to mimic the fragrance of a real tree 
but sometimes pine can be a little overwhelming so the apple addition mellows out the scent
but still keeps things festive!

Yankee Peppermint Bark £4.27 - link
I have been informed that Peppermint Bark is a festive treat that is enjoyed in the likes of America and Canada, to me it smells exactly like After Eight sweets - a mix of peppermint and dark chocolate.
Although not overly synthetic is scent it is a little too strong for my liken and I'm not truly one
for anything Chocolate based unless it is food haha!

Yankee Pinecone and Lime
On paper this sounds like it will be a festive scent and something a little out of the ordinary
until you realise that the reason it smells familiar is because it reminds you of air freshener (those little green
trees that you hang from the wing mirror in the car) and toilet cleaner...not my best candle choice.

Yankee Sugared Apple £3.32 - link
If you dislike spicy or overly obvious festive scents then this is the one I recommend to you.
Yankee Sugared Apple is a warm, apple based scent that has a slight sugary sweet kick but is not
sickly nor does it scream it's Christmas let everything be Cinnamon based.

Yankee Warm Woolen Mittens £4.20 - link
I had such high hopes for this fragrance - I thought it would evoke memories of running around in the snow
with flushed cheeks and mittens flapping from my jacket sleeves instead it smells like every Yankee Fresh Laundry type scent...nice as it is nothing special and rather disappointing.
Please Yankee stop pushing out the same scents year after year but under different labels.

I bought all of my above candles from eBay and each price noted above does include postage.