Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Bath and Body Works Christmas Anti-Bac Hand Gels

I swore off purchasing the Christmas versions of the Bath and Body Works Christmas Hand Gels
after being rather disappointed in the Halloween versions but here we are again only with the festive scents
and I have to admit this time around I am more satisfied with the scents as they don't reek of alcohol.

I do go through anti-bacterial hand gel like no other, i'm not a germ-a-phob but I like my hands to feel clean
and sometimes (okay most of the time) when out and about a sink and anti-bacterial soap isn't
always available so I keep a stash of hand gel in my handbag.

Okay less of my germ riddled tales and on with a quick summary of the five scents I picked up:

Blue Chiffon - I have tried to find a scent description for this as fragrance wise it is hard to place
unless I am missing some obvious reference (I do that a lot) but in my opinion this is best described
as an almond based scent - think marzipan.

Believe - This is a sugar plum scent, as mentioned in a few posts I have no idea what sugar plums
smell like but I can say this is a pleasant candy/sweet like fragrance that kids and adults alike will love.
Am I the only one who thinks this bottle should have had a little sugar plum fairy on it?

Ho-Ho Cookie Dough - Thankfully this features no Chocolate notes ( I loathe Chocolate fragrances)
but is instead a sugary sweet vanilla scent - typical of a cupcake scent US brands like to lean on a lot.

Sugar & Spice - This is the only gel out of the five i'm not all that keen on in terms of scent
as it is strongly cinnamon based with no sweetness to be spoken off but for some this will be perfection.

Rudy Red Apple - Summed up this is a bright red Apple scent, yummy and fresh!

In the UK you can purchase these and other Bath and Body Work products
from Bath and Body Shop UK - link

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  1. Well these cute little critters have certainly brightened up my day! Great post :)

    Kirsty-Anne x x
    5feet10 Beauty Blog

  2. These are adorable, would be cute stocking fillers :)


  3. I finally gave in and bought some.. only I went for some carribean smelling gel, as winter comes in, i'm imagining beaches!

  4. Omg you're so naughty I didn't know they were available in the UK. Now I have 2 on order... :( bad Adrienne. xo

  5. i love these so much, i have the sweet cinnamon pumpkin one from Halloween/fall and i love it, i really want the red one for Christmas now, or blue because it looks really cool!:)

  6. Ohhh i had no idea you could purchase them on that site! thanks for the heads up! x

  7. Aww they're so cute! I need anti-bac hand wash on me at all times too :)

  8. These are so cute. Ho-Ho Cookie Dough!

  9. dunno dunno I have just 3 hands and have 5 antibacterials laying around

  10. I might have just made a sneaky purchase after reading this ;).. my job entails me washing my hands alot and vanilla cupcake has become my firm fave (it doesn't smell of alcohol either) xx

  11. So adorable! now for me to find an excuse to purchase!


  12. These are so cute! I love these!
    Have to get some they are adorable!

  13. The spice one & the apple one would be my picks :) The only nice smelling anti bac I can find in the UK is the Soap & Glory one! xx


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