Worry not if you are not a nurse but if you are I salute you and thank you all for your hard work
and hope one day you get paid more because lord knows you deserve it!
Yes! Nurse was created by a paediatric nurse at the beginning of 2009.
Having been signed off work with dry, cracked and sore hands, she noticed that many of her colleagues were suffering in the same way and decided to take matters into hand (excuse the pun).
I love a story behind a product don't you?

So what does Yes! Nurse do?
Yes! Nurse is of course a hand cream so along with moisturising as you would expect it to it also
provides a lipid barrier protection which if you constantly wash your hands you will be more than thankful for
as excessive washing really does dry out the hands and can leave them chapped.
Yes! Nurse also rebalanced the skin thanks to its PH 4.5 formula and to boot it also soothes and heals the skin on the hands.

Yes! Nurse is a thick almost balm like hand cream with a sweet non medicinal scent.
As soon as you apply it you can feel the moisturising properties immediately but it is slightly tacky/sticky
until fully absorbed into the skin so do be patient - we are talking seconds not hours.
I can not think of a better hand cream for anyone who's hands take a daily beating due to their vocation and as the tube is fairly unisex it would make a great gift for any man who works outside in all conditions.

You can find out more about Yes! Nurse*£5.49  here - link