Now that my skin is some what behaving I'm on a skin care kick
and with that follows a rather large wish list but with Christmas quickly approaching,
I think I will pop a good few items on my "Dear Santa" list to save my skin and bank balance.

1. I credit Origins for turning around my skin from an oily mess to really easily managed,
so for that reason alone I recommend everyone to try Origins for themselves (you won't be disappointed I promise). Top my list is Out of Trouble Mask  and the Clear Improvement Mask
as both are for problematic skin types such as my own and all I have read is rave reviews.
The other product is the Spot Remover Gel so far my skin has been pretty clear but it never hurts
to have an emergency product on stand by for those surprise blemishes!

2, I very seldom use anything but a balm like cleanser to wash my face and since doing so
my skin has improved tenfold, I do tend to use Clarins Pure Melt Gel but a friend of mine
has recommend I try Clinique's Take the Day Off Cleansing Balm so I think once my current tube of cleanser is finished this will be the one I purchase.

3, Another cleanser? Yes another but I won't buy them all in one go haha!
Eve Lom's Cleanser is pretty pricey but as the moisture mask I have tries is so fablous I am
thinking of splurging out in the coming weeks.

4, This is not skin care choice but it some what fits into today's theme.
My poor hands are beaten up thanks to a mixture of the cold, central heating and mittens.
I have several hand creams on the go but none are really hitting the spot but as so many of you swear by Soap and Glory's Handfood I will pick up a tube before the week is over and give it a whirl.

5. As I really do rate Dr Jart + 's BB Cream I think it is only fair I pick up a few skin care pieces
by the brand and as the line is currently haldf price in Boots there really couldn't be a better time.
Most of my picks are pore reducing products as that is my problem area but I think the moisture sleep mask will also be popped in my basket... a mask you sleep in, count me in!

6, I think most of us happily slap on a facial mask at least once a week but how many of us
can say we put time aside for a special treat for our eyes and no eye cream doesn't count?
Well Clarins have specially formulated an eye mask for use on such a delicate area
and it aims to counter signs of tiredness as well as refreshing and tightening the skin.

Do you have any skin care wishes?