I'm unlucky in the sense that we don't have a bath tub just a silly wet room (can you sense the bitterness)
but every now and then I stay away from home and like to make use of a great relaxing bath.
Being the huge candle/wax tart freak that I am I need an accompanying scent.
Okay here is where I get slightly weirder and tell you that for water based activities
I need an aquatic scent and I do prefer when said scent has a blue hue to the wax.
I think my mind just associates blue with water and we all know how I love a good theme or five.

Unlike my regular waxy posts I won't be doing a break down of each scent as I find aquatic scents 
so difficult to pin point but basically they are fresh, clean and often remind me of the cleanness and purity
of water but do be wary as some fragrances of this vain can be a little masculine.

For daytime and summer evening baths I do recommend Yankee's Simply Home Lighthouse point
as it is uplifting and reminds me of the scent of freshly washed line laundry that has been outside
in the sunshine all day. Country Home Scents Rainy Days is also similar to this and a great cleansing scent
by this I mean it's great for firing up when someone in your home cooks something stinky i.e fish!

For the evening I can recommend Bedtime Bath by Country Home Scents as it has a slight talcum
note blended within the Aquatic notes making nodding off that little easier.
If you don't tend to burn anything in the bathroom but still want a clean type scent that is perfect for the
evenings then may I suggest Yankee's Storm Watch, which has all you would expect from an aquatic
scent with a little extra depth - think the fragrance of a storm at night and you have the idea.
Last winter I burned this during a huge storm, rain lashing against the windows, gale force winds
and a mini power cut now it's all I recall when I detect the scent.

Yankee Storm Watch £2.40 (inc p&p) via eBay - link
Yankee Simply Home Lighthouse £2.65 (inc p&p) via eBay - link
Country Home Scents prices vary but can be found here - link