I promise I have plenty of wonderful make-up items to share, some of which will be live later on 
in the day but at the moment with the winter chill in the air I seem to be more interested in bath and body products not to mention skin care. Is anyone else feeling this way too?

Rituals Yogi Flow - Indian Rose and Sweet Almond Oil foaming shower gel is my favourite shower product ever, I was first introduced to it via a sample box, Jolie Box if I recall correctly and have picked up
many a can since.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you will have learnt along the way that Rose is one of my favourite scents ever but I am also a slave to anything with an Almond note so this combination is a match made
in heaven for me.
Even if you don't rate Rose scents I urge you to give this a go as the Almond addition
does curb the Rose fragrance and stops it from being over powering.
Essentially it is a difficult scent to pin point but it is fresh and not overly floral, I'd recommend it to anyone
who like romantic type fragrances.

The reason I prefer this to a typical shower gel is because it is softer on my skin yet cleanses effectively.
It doesn't dry out the skin but delicately refreshes, cleanses and fragrances in one quick step.
As a word of warning a little does go a long way so don't be too over zealous when dispersing the foam
in the shower or you'll end up in soapy daze.

Rituals Yogi Flow Foaming Shower Gel £7/200ml via Feel Unique - link
You can also pick this up via Rituals own website but I use Feel Unique
as they offer free postage.