Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum - Review

I have now owned this very bottle of Tom Ford's Black Orchid for close to three years
and still have a good half a bottle left.
Now don't mis-interpret this as an unloved product it is far from that but Black Orchid in my opinion
is a scent I really need to be in the mood to wear and is not one I every reach for in the warmer months.

Tom Ford's Black Orchid is by far the strongest scent I own and my collection is pretty vast (perhaps in 2013 when I begin YouTube video's I'll do a collective video) and it is also the one perfume that wears
not only all day long but the next too, even after a shower.
So if you struggle finding a fragrance to last the pace of the day which I know some of us do then this is
one to investigate, yes it is a little pricey but it is so intense that you use so little each wear.
I'm really heavy handed with perfume in general but with Black Orchid three sprays is all I need
instead of my usual half a bottle...I jest (kinda).

"Tom Ford Black Orchid is a sensuous, dark and dramatic fragrance which captures the attention and holds it as the notes deepen and balance. 
The attention is captured by a sensuous blend of black truffle and ylang, 
mingled with fresh bergamot and blackcurrant. 
A dramatic signature unfolds with the custom–made Tom Ford black orchid blended with dark, tempting florals and rich fruit accords. The heart is deepened with the intoxicating lotus wood. 
The decadent noir gourmand accord is balanced by patchouli, incense and vetiver, while vanilla tears add a fluid creaminess to warm balsam and smooth sandalwood."

I'm normally quite good at pin pointing scents (my ego is outta control) but this is so complex
that I really don't know where to begin.
It is rich, intense and slightly spicy but does loose the spice based edge once the scent settles
after an hour or two.
It's grown up and dare I say it sexy and with a slightly masculine edge, all I know is that it smells
like nothing else I own or have tested and is the scent I wear when I need a confidence boost.

Have your tried Tom Ford's now famous Black Orchid scent?

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP 50ml/£68 via Selfridges - link

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  1. From the way you have described it, I really want to go and smell it! Love the sleek black and gold bottle!

  2. I love this post, Black Orchid is my favourite perfume!
    I don't wear it in the summer either, but when I first spritz it in the fall i realize why i love it so much. It's my perfect perfume.
    I totally agree with your last paragraph, I might reach for it on my night out later!

  3. I really, really like Black Orchid. It's very unique. I think to start with, it smells woody and then blossoms suddenly in to a beautiful scent that reminds me a little of the ocean. It lasts a long time too but I don't like how it starts to smell as it wears off. You're right though, you don't need to spray much at all.

  4. Black Orchid is gorgeous and I don't think £68 is too much for a scent you really love. Def not a Summer perfume. I adore the Tom Ford private blend collection (I have aspirations of owning half of it one day when I'm all rich) but think Black Orchid (and Violet Blonde) are amazing intros to his collection. x

  5. Great post!! Love the packaging, so gorgeous!! :) ♥

  6. That may be a little too strong for me. I like vanilla/floral/or more sweet smelling scents. May have to skip this one. Too bad.

  7. I've never smelt this. I love the packaging. It looks expensive.

  8. It's gorgeous, should be wore wit silks, furs (fake of course), and smokey eyes. Love this scent, he seems to get it just right x

  9. This is on my wish list now! Perfume does not last me!:)

  10. Never smelt this. It reminds me of black Illamasqua parfume, have you tried it?

  11. This sounds totally up my street for scents but my gosh the price tag. I also really like the bottle, very different. :)

  12. Need to sniff this, your description is very enticing. :) <3

  13. Bought this perfume for the boy and I love it on sexy and masculine..I don't think I would wear it though..I prefer sweet scents..xx

  14. I fell in love with this scent two years ago but it was too pricey for me. And now even if I wanted to buy it, I can't because it is not sold in the country I live in :/

  15. I adore this scent, my mum has it and whenever I go home I always take a sneaky spray.

  16. I love Black Orchid! Love love love! Like you though, I tend to keep it for the cooler months. I especially like to spray it on scarves and my hair as it lasts really well.

    Looking forward to your upcoming YouTube videos. :-)

  17. Hello All,

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