Saturday, November 17, 2012

Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal - Review

Earlier this month Bourjois launched a mini collection in the form of Queen Attitude that contains
two pieces - a Kajal crayon and a mascara.
I have yet to fully put the mascara to the test as I have just opened a new tube of YSL Shocking
and really despise having too many mascara's on the go as they dry out so quickly and it is just a waste.
However I have been getting to grips with Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal and as I enjoy using it
so much I thought it deserved its own little post.

First of all how cute and dinky is the packaging?
It almost looks like it contains a lipstick and I do enjoy the ribbon touch slightly more than one should.
Inside the sleek packaging you will find a chunky, almost crayon like black eye liner
with a fine point at one end, which will shape itself to fit your needs over time with use.
The great thing about this khol liner is that it never needs sharpening so it is perfect for keeping in your everyday make-up bag for those on the go emergencies!

"Bring out the Cleopatra in you!
Famous for intensifying and beautifying the eyes, our NEW Queen Attitude Khol Kajal gives a smooth and perfect line every time.
Cone-shaped for precision and to create an intense black line.

Enriched with pigments and natural waxes for a blendable, soft and ultra- easy application.
The Khol can be used on both the inner and outer rim of the eyes. Paraben-free."

Bourjois state that it can be used on both the eyelids and waterlines which is wonderful as I'm going
through a phase of only applying eye liner to my upper waterlines to give the illusion of longer eyelashes.
You can of course apply the liner how ever you wish and as the formula is so creamy and does not tug
on the skin you find yourself going a little khol crazy!
Another way I like to use the Queen Attitude Kajal is to draw a thick line on my eye lids, close to the lash
line then blend out for an easy peasy yet effective smoky eye look.
As you can see from the swatch photo the liner is fairly pigmented but can pull a little blue in certain lights.
In terms of wear it does of course wear better on the lids than the waterlines with around 8 hours of
lasting power on the water lines it is closer to the 6 hour mark and when smoked out with a primer it
stays in place until you remove it.

Bourjois Queen Attitude Khol Kajal* 2.5ml/£6.99 via Boots - link

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  1. I was going to buy this the other day, but I couldn't help think that once you wear down the tip, it will become way too thick to apply

    1. Oddly enough I was just thinking the same thing (I'm currently fiddling with it), I guess only time will tell but very good point :)

  2. This looks like a great kajal!! :)

    The Misty Mom

  3. Oh i like the lok of this :) x

  4. Great post! This looks like such a great product!! :) ♥

  5. Will definitely have to give this a try, really unique product.

    A Friendly Invitation


  6. This looks so great, i have to try it!:)

  7. I don't like this kind of eyeliner... How can you use it when it's too wide? I mean, do we have to sharpen or use it with a brush? Meh...

  8. the shape of this doesn't look great but I guess they would have done their research and it can't be totally useless as it goes down..surely? :S

  9. Haven't seen this but I'm intrigued to try. Quite pleasantly surprised by Bourjois with this! xXx

  10. at school one of my friends was from pakistan and she always used to bring us these back as presents, we used them only on the waterline, loveeeed them, just bought mine!

  11. This actually looks really weird and I'm not sure if id be able to use it but I'm definitely be looking out for this next time I see a bourjois stand

    Jade | Beauty Butterfly

  12. love the idea of khol eyeliners but how do you sharpen them

  13. You don't need to sharpen kajals because you are supposed to lay then horizontally when you use them so that they do shape continuously. Does that make sense? lol


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