Growing up I was obsessed with Jennifer Lopez when she first hit the Hollywood scene I must have
been about 9 or somewhere around that age mark and all I knew was I wanted to be her.
Does anyone recall her "Waiting for Tonight" video in which her skin is tanned and glows?
Well I have spent a good 10 years or so trying to emulate that look and today I have the perfect product
to get a similar look but if that is not your thing you may want to read on as we all like a little
extra sparkle around this time of the year.

L'Occitaine Marvellous Flowers Shimmering Oil is a light dry oil and is a light golden shade
which is jammed packed with tiny gold particles that dance when applied to the skin.
Scent wise I am hooked and will be picking up a few items from the limited edition Christmas Marvellous
Flowers Collection - it a light bright floral without any powdery notes, it's super feminine and just beautiful.

You can apply this oil anywhere on the body and yes it does add a little extra moisture to the skin
but in my opinion it looks best blended down the shin bones for extra definition and to give the illusion
of longer and slimmer legs.
Another favourite place of mine to apply is on the décolletage area, wherever you apply it prepare to be 
dazzled and if like myself you are are a fan of tanned skin this does nothing but emphasis said tan.

L'Occitaine Marvellous Flowers Shimmering Oil* £22/75ml via L'Occitaine - link