I am a little in shock that it is now November, I mean seriously where has this year went?
I can't believe it is nearly time to brave the shops and stock up on Christmas goodies,
not that I am complaining as I do enjoy Christmas and shopping haha!

I don't have a huge bunch of favourites for October but what I do have to show and rave about
ado happen to be my current daily essentials so all is not a loss.

As you can probably see I have very much been going through a pink phase with make-up
and I can't seem to get enough of Bobbi Brown's Rouge Pot in Powder Pink,.
I have had this for such a long  time and have hardly made a dent in it yet I reach for it pretty often as a lip colour, so it has been good value for money in that case.
I do tend to wear this with a quick slick of gloss on top and recently it has been Revlon's Crystal Lilac
Colorburst lip gloss that I have been reaching for as it compliments the dusky pink tone of Powder Pink
without altering the shade too much all the while adding a moisture and a high sheen finish.

Initially I didn't really get on all that well with Illamasqua's Naked Rose blush, the formula of Illamasqua blushes are truly amazing but this shade seemed to do nothing for me when I first purchased it.
Fast forward a few months and the summer glow has faded this dusky, cool toned, matte rose blush
is all I have been wearing on my cheeks and I can see the love affair continuing well into next month too!

Clarins Odyssey palette is one of the most beautiful Christmas limited edtions to hit the shelves in 2012
and yes it is perfect for the festive season thanks to the bright, golden glitter eyeshadow
but the other three neutrals are great every day shades.
I particularly like the top left hand shade which is a slightly olive toned golden brown
that is my current go to crease shade.

Now on to my favourite nail polish of the month and perhaps 2012...Nails Inc Baker St!
It has been a rare occasion that this has not been on my nails since purchasing it a few weeks ago.
Baker St is a bright cobalt blue that really does blow any other blue nail polish out off the water
and one I urge you all to pick up.

I would go as far as saying I wear Alien at least four times a week but I do like to dabble with other
scents every now and then. However the cooler, crisp weather has seen me wear nothing Alien,
as it is my perfume version of a warm, woollen jumper.
It's familiar, forever comforting to me and definitely my signature scent.

Happily the cooler weather has been drying out my skin so I am less oily but I do feel the need to be more
vigilant with my moisturising routine and for the last fortnight I have been combining Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel (which is not in my favourites as I have just finished my current bottle and will have to pick
up another one tomorrrow) with Origins Make A Difference Plus Moisturiser.
The combination has cleared up my skin and seems to be working wonders for my skin but as it 
is early days I will hold off reviewing until another few weeks have past.
I have also been using Origins Ginzing eye cream which has been keeping my eyes puff and circle
free so far but again full review to follow.

So that is my rather long winded favourites for October, what have you been loving?