Yup, yup I gave in and purchased a Diptyque candle swearing I would wait and pop one on my Christmas list but one quick whiff of Figuier and I was sold, right there on the spot.

"With its light, elusive and deliciously fresh fruity fragrance, Figuier encapsulates the essence of summer. From the legendary French perfume house of Diptyque, this luxurious handmade scented candle creates a pure and elegant ambiance in any home."

Until very recently I had never really thought much about fig scents but for this time of the year they just seem
so fitting, warm and comforting yet slightly fruity despite the Summer claims I think the slightly
dark scent is perfect for snuggling up to on a chilly Autumn or Winter's evening.

Diptyque is of course a French perfumer that has reached legendary status,
the brand has been creating signature scents since 1961 and simply personifies French chic.
I adore the minimalist style of the items, simple and very stylish and it is true once you purchase
a Diptyque scented candle you'll wonder why it took you so long in the first place
as the scents are truly divine and fill a room like no other!

Diptyque Figuier Scented Candle £38/170g via SpaceNK - link