Sunday, November 18, 2012

Sunday Shopping the Stash #58

This weeks stash post has a slight theme - brightening/radiance, my skin has the winter dulls
as I like to call it and my complexion could do with being perked up so with that in mind
I have routed around for products to help perk up not only my face but mind set too.


Stila One Step Colour Correct
If like myself you are a little lazy but want perfectly primed skin then I can't recommend this product enough!
Not only does Stila One Step help to control oil but it adds a little extra moisture as well as colour correcting the skin and adding a light radiant glow...a winter essential in my book!

Clarins Bronzing Duo in Dark
The past few days I have had some nasty viral infection, I call it the flu the doctor says otherwise
and who am I to argue?
Anyway my skin has been drained of any colour so a bronzer is very much needed to help make me
look slightly less zombi-tastic...Halloween has passed so I can't even say it's fancy dress haha!
I rate Clarins Bronzing Duo's as the formula is light, matte easy to blend and does not turn the skin
orange and as each palette has two shades you can mix and match depending on your current skin tone.


Benefit Peek-a- Bright Eyes Eye Kit 
As mentioned I am a little lazy so little kits like this suit me down to the ground as I can create
an easy but brightening eye look using all of the products housed inside.
I may have added a few sneaky Benefit kits to my Christmas Wish List.


MAC Spring Forecast Lip Palette
When I first bought this I used it fairly regularly then I seem to have cast it aside
but as I like to have a good few lip shades at hand each day but despise a heavy bag
this is the perfect product to cart around, light yet perfectly functional and formed.
My favourite shades in the palette are the two nudes/browns which I like to combine with the next product.

NARS Chelsea Girls
My goodness is this a sticky gloss but it does stay put and the shade is truly beautiful,
I like to layer this golden hued pink over nude toned lipsticks to add a little extra dimension.
That being said it also looks wonderful worn alone and does wear exceptionally well for a gloss.

Have you shopped your stash this week?

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  1. I really wanna try the stilla color corrector, might put it on my christmas wish list!! Great post!:)

  2. Great post!! The Stila color correcter seems like such a great product, may have to try that out! :) ♥

  3. That clarins and benefit need to be in my hands

  4. the stila corrector always catches my eye in the shop..may need to have a closer look..does it work with oily skin though? I know you mentioned it controls it but I'm always anxious with primers :/

  5. I would also like to try that corrector.

  6. I literally want all of this, especially the benefit eye palette!


  7. Nice choose for next week :)

  8. I reeeally wanna try that bronzer and primer! they sound so beautiful :)

  9. Oh, you have a MAC lip palette! Those really caught my eye x

  10. great picks! :) I really want to try the Stila primer and Chelsea Girl :)

  11. The Stila one step colour corrector looks great!!


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