Sunday, November 18, 2012

Pamper Me #12

I have just had my weekly pamper session so rather than type about what I was going to do,
for once this post is going to be a little topsy turvy...whoops.

I have cleared out my beauty so expect a HUGE blog sale coming your way soon,
how one little lady can accumulate quite so much make-up is beyond me!
The one good thing about clearing out is that you find lost treasures and one such item is Neutrogena Blackhead eliminating Scrub which is something I can only use every so often as I find it a little abrasive other wise but for a once and a while deep cleanse it is the bee's knees.

What would a weekend cleanse and pamper be without a pore strip or two in my case?
I adore the Biore Pore Strips and this week's was pretty grim visually...yuck!
Don't you think it would be a wonderful idea if you could buy a face sized pore strip?
Like one of those sheet masks only constructed of the same material of pore strips,
actually I may have to trademark that idea...kidding!

My hair is so dry yet nothing has changed in terms of diet or hair routine,
in-fact I have not used heat on my hair for around a month yet it is as dry as straw.
I rummaged through all my lotions and potions and stumbled across Neal & Wolf's Intensive Care conditioner which is not only the most beautifully scented product ever but a thick, indulgent conditioner
that can be used daily if you so wish.
As my hair is still damp I can't really report if it has done its job but at least my locks smell divine.

Like the idiot you all know me to be I am currently sat slathered in Famous Dave's Gradual 10 self tanner,
I have nothing to comment on the product as of yet as this is the first time I've applied it but the product
contains Cocoa Butter which I'm allergic to...oops.
Now it's not a fatal allergic reaction we are talking an itchy rash at most but my gosh I really do have to 
be more careful and read labels before happily slapping on any product.
I'll of course let you know how things go in a proper review at some point.

Another first for me is RapidLash which I have yet to apply but will before I go to bed
but the allure of long, thicker fluttery eye lashes is just so tempting, bed time can't come quick enough!
I have took a before photo tonight so I can post my results in a few months, 
it is safe to say that I am probably the most excited I have ever been about this beauty product
as I have in a long, long while.

Have a great Sunday everyone :) 

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  1. Wow this is such a great post'! Cant wait for the blog sale!:)

  2. Happy to hear "blog sale" XD

    Ouch to cocoa butter :(

  3. Blog sale!!!!!! Yay can't wait!!!

  4. Oh I can't wait for the blog sale! Also will be looking out for your Rapid Lash review - you're right, the idea of long eyelashes is too tempting!

  5. I think "blog sale" is mostly what everyone got out of that!
    I also had my pampering night tonight :) Happy Sunday! x

  6. Great post :) I'm looking forward to your rapid lash review as Ive been wanting to try this myself! :) xx

    If you get a minute please take a look at my blog -

  7. I do love a good pamper! Looking forward to your blog sale too! x

  8. I agree It would be wonderfull If they make a big pore strip for the face

    1. Btw is the pore cleanser(netrogena) anything worth to try?

  9. Pore stripes are so good, whole family use them. What about Neutrogena scrub, is it worth it? I had Nivea but maybe its time to change...

    xxx // k

  10. Can't wait to see if the Rapid Lash works!

    Gillian x

  11. I love pamper sessions :)
    Great idea about the face sized pore strip!

  12. I have the same problem with macadamia nuts! It sucks because everyone raves about the macadamia oil hair brand and soap and glory!! Once before knowing I slathered myself up with soap and glory lotion. Not fun!!

    Can't wait to see how your lashes turn out. I am going to start running vaseline through mine at night. I've heard it helps with length, but more importantly (for me right now) is it makes them soft and less breakable after a lot of mascara use.



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