Scottish winters are harsh (if you live somewhere colder then I sympathise) from October until
perhaps March maybe even April, this little corner of the globe sees a constant flurry of rain, snow and sleet
and that can often be in the space of 24 hours.
Needless to say my skin suffers and seems to produce oily and dry patches which are a nightmare
to try and remedy, luckily this year (touch wood) my skin is a little more balanced and not as oily
but the rim of my entire face is dry and uncomfortable at times.
Suffice to say my regular moisturiser isn't enough for the dry areas so I have been using Selixir Peace Balm.

"SELEXIR Peace Balm is an intensive salve that specifically soothes distressed, irritated and sensitive skin, as well as light to medium eczema.
It's dermatologically proven formula provides deep skin relief from dryness, redness, itchiness, and discomfort by providing deep rehydration with a strong soothing effect."

Selexir Peace Balm is not your typical moisturiser or body product it is in fact a thick salve,
I liken it in terms of texture to Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream and like said product it can be used
on any area of the body or face that has dry or irritated skin and as often as you wish.
So far I have tested it on the dry, itchy and flaky (what a visual eh?) of my face and although they are not quite at the normal skin stage, the tight itchy sensation disappeared momentarily after applying the balm
and the flaky skin was gone completely and has not returned within the two days mark.

Another area I was keen to trial the peace balm was at either side of my nose.
I recently had a cold that included a runny nose (again I really know how to paint a pleasing picture with my words don't I) and after a good week of constant wiping and blowing the skin around my nose was red, irritated and once more flaking. 
Much like the skin on my face as soon as I applied the balm my skin felt soothed
and less irritated, within the space of around 3 days all the previous symptoms had vanished.

I don't have eczema but as it works so wonderfully on irritated skin I think it is well worth a go if other products have failed you, if you work with your hands in harsh conditions (nurses, hairdressers) then the peace balm is a must as not only will it soothe your hands but it also acts as a barrier against water.
If you are a jet setter (lucky you, take me with you please) then I suggest picking up a tube for those long
haul flights as you can quite literally use it anywhere on the body and as many times as you wish,
your skin will thank you for it when you touch down in some exotic place minus the dehydrate skin!

Selixir Peace Balm* £20-£99 and is available in 15ml, 30ml and 75ml sizes via Selixir - link