While in Superdrug stocking up on essentials aka the boring part of beauty - cotton wool,
I noticed a new addition to the Collection franchise in the form of glittery nail polishes.
I'm very much like a magpie and anything remotely sparkly catches my eye at ten paces,
I'm sure that screeches volumes about my I.Q level haha!

To the best of my knowledge within the Collection Bedazzled range there is four shades
but as it was a 3 for 2 offer I was a little tight fisted and only bought three out of the four.
I'm pretty sure the shade I left behind was a bright magenta pink glitter concoction.

The three shades I walked away with are:

Razzle Dazzle - To the naked eye this appears as a silver glitter nail polish, lots of various sized
glitter chunks in a bright platinum hue but if you look closely there is flecks of green and blue glitter.
The green and blue additions are softer and pearlescent so they do not dominate but liven up
a typical silver glitter top coat.

Love Jewel - When I first spotted this shade I couldn't help but think "my gosh this will look pretty
layered over a white polish" anyway this is just like the other two shades only this is a mid toned purple
glitter and the accent shade is green...very pretty.

Glittersweet - I have an odd affinity for green glitter nail polishes that I can't quite explain.
Luckily this is unlike any other I own - a green with a slight blue tone glitter base that again is
constructed of vary sizes of glitter flecks with the odd addition of larger silver and gold chunks.

I apologise that there is no actual nail swatches but the lack of natural light is killing any photo opportunities
and in the case of glitter nail polishes the flash kills the swatches, you simply can't see the shades
so I decided it would be best just to show the polishes on paper.
A word of warning as pretty as the glitter polishes are they are not the quickest drying and do take
around 4 coats to become opaque, 5 in the case of the lighter shades but as a top coat they are perfect.
All in all at £2.99 a pop I guess you can't complain too much!

Collection Bedazzled Polishes £2.99/6ml each and are available from all Collection retailers
such as Superdrug and Boots.