Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Revlon Sweet Boutique - Berry Nice

Revlon Sweet Boutique is back!
Kicking off today and all the way through until the 4th of December Revlon will be giving away a whopping 100 lip butters each day - today's shade is my personal favourite Berry Smoothie.
To enter all you have to do is visit Revlon's Facebook and follow the instructions - link.

I thought since we will all be going a little nutty for Revlon Lip Butters in the next few days,
that now would be a great time to share my winter picks which are all fairly berry toned.

Berry Smoothie - My everyday shade - goes with everything and is a great muted pink.
I also find it to be a more moisturising not to mention cheaper dupe of MAC Angel lipstick
which unsurprisingly is my favourite shade!

Macaroon - If you aren't quite brave enough for red or plum lip colour then pick up Macaroon
as it is a great alternative for the less brave, lots of pigment just not as dramatic.

Raspberry Pie - This is the one shade I urge you all to pick up this winter, 
I have yet to see a person this does not look great on!
A brilliant pink with a slight blue tint that gives it a plum tone and brightens the teeth to boot.

Good luck and remember you can try your luck to win a lip butter each day!


  1. Ooh I love all three of these! xx

  2. Oo i love all three of these! Another favourite is the red velvet one which I got when I went to the states :) xx

  3. they all look so beautifully tempting :') x

  4. Berry Smoothie really is lovely for an everyday shade! I like how it'll go great with virtually any eye look.

  5. Such lovely shades, I still don't own one of these. I'm going to go into a store and go swatch crazy to find the perfect one for me xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  6. Berry Smoothie is one of my favorites. Your pictures are very pretty. x

  7. berry smoothie is my favourite its so natural!:)

  8. These look great! Macaroon is my favourite!

  9. Oooh the macaroon one looks really pretty! I have the strawberry shortcake one and I love it xx

  10. Love these lip products!! I have the raspberry pie colour, I have it and I have been wearing non stop!! :) ♥

  11. Berry smoothie is my favourite to, such a gorgeous shade! XO

  12. Love the shades of the first and second one! Lovely.

  13. I have four lip butters and Berry Smoothie and Macaroon are two of them! I may have to add Raspberry Pie to my collection. My favourite has to be peach parfait though. I wore it virtually all summer.

  14. Wow I love these colours! Your lips are so gorgeous! I might just have to buy some now! I dont know why ive put it off for so long! x

  15. Raspberry Pie is so pretty! I really want to try it. Berry Smootie looks perfect on your lips! It barley showed up on mine :(

  16. Absolutely adore this colour :)


  17. I've never tried any of these Revlon butters, but they looks fab! xx


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