Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation - Review


As much as I wanted to like Rimmel's Wake Me Up Foundation it simply didn't bode well with
my skin type and I found it to cake and/or leave a glittery residue on my skin.
So it was with baited breath that I tried Rimmel's newest foundation offering - Match Perfection.

Much like most foundations of late this has been formulated to adapt to your skin tone
and has been enhanced with Blue Sapphire fragments to induce an illuminating glow.
All in to the best of my knowledge there is 12 shades and despite being a high street brand
Rimmel have packaged this very well - a glass bottle that doesn't scream budget buy with a built in pump.
I do feel that the shade range should be expanded to include a few more deep shades
for all those with dark skin tones.
For reference the shade I have featured is 301 True Nude which is a pretty good option
for those around the NC35/37 tone in MAC foundations.

Formula wise this is akin to your typical liquid foundation, perhaps at a push it is slightly thicker
but I do find it to apply well be it with fingers or a brush and live up to the skin tone adaption claim.
I don't find Rimmel Match Perfection to be a full coverage foundation but it is a great mid coverage product,
that covers minor blemishes, redness and other little imperfections such as light scarring.
I can't comment on how this foundation will preform on dry skin but on normal-oily it does sit well,
wears for around 7 hours without a primer and doesn't settle into pores/lines.
I wouldn't deem this foundation matte nor would I say it is overly packed with radiance particles,
best summed up I would say it gives a natural finish, a my skin but better result.
My only niggle with Rimmel foundations is that until they settle I do find them to be a little sticky/tacky on my skin, that may be a problem that only I experience but I thought it was worth pointing out none the less.
All in all a really great high street foundation that won't break the bank but will give your really good coverage and lasting power, more so should you use a primer before hand.

Rimmel Match Perfection Foundation 30ml/£6.99* via Superdrug - link

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  1. Did you buy all this stuff ?? everyday ?? because I see everyday you review many products .. :D

    1. Anything that has been sent as a PR sample is denoted by an astrix and always disclosed. You can read my full disclosure at the top of my blog and there is also a mini one in the side bar :)

  2. I really like Rimmel products but have never tried their foundation.

  3. I love rimmel face products but im not sure i to buy this one!:) great post


  4. I bought this one at the week end as I liked how it swatched on my hand, haven't given it a proper try yet!

    1. You must give it a go, it is rather lovely :)

  5. Ooh is this a new formula? I've had this for a few months but the packaging is slightly different. I really really like it, great for everyday & the colour matches me great. Like you I find it a bit tacky aswell. I don't use this for nights out though or days where I want more coverage. That's what my No7 stay perfect foundation is for :D


    1. What the....what the heck is that link in my comment?! I didn't post a link!

      Very strange.

  6. These are £4.99 at the moment in Day Lewis Pharmacies! :)

  7. I absolutely love this foundation!


  8. I cannot recommend the Match Perfection Concealer. I was very much like you when it came to my feelings on the foundation but the concealer is not a staple in my make up bag. I apply over my foundation and although straight away you dont notice much of a difference after a few minutes its pretty much a miracle product!
    I would never be without it and have 3 brand new ones stashed away. You only need a small amount so it last forever. Because of this product I no longer use foundation, just a BB or tinted moisuriser and I have NEVER been able to forgo foundation since I was a teen. 6/7 months on I now dont even own a foundation!

    1. Okay you have convinced me I need this in my life ;) I will pick up a tube asap! Thank you for letting me know just how well it worked for you :)

  9. This seems like a great product!! Cheap too! Will definitely need to try this out! :) ♥

  10. I have this product and it seemed to work for me. I prefer the clean finish foundation over this one though!

  11. I've been wanting to try this foundation since it's so cheap. Thanks for the review :)

  12. I always find Rimmel Foundations dont match my skin tone :( They also appear too yellowy or something on me, but I adore there finishing powder and its so cheap



  13. I love this foundation so much I went out and bought two! I find the Ivory one is slightly too dark for me so I mix one pump of the Light Porcelain and the Ivory together and I have my perfect match. I have dry skin and I also think it works really well for it. It's slightly more of a matte finish than I usually go for as I usually prefer a dewy finish but it's not drying in the slightest and holds up reasonably well during the course of the day. I've a review of it on my blog too.


  14. This is my current go-to foundation. I think it's a great high street buy xx


  15. I was going to get this foundation, but I get the rimmel Wake Me Up one instead. I think that ones great and it is fine for my skin type:-)


  16. All my foundations are running out (WHY all at once?! And HOW?!) so this review is so helpful! Xo

  17. I bought this a few weeks ago in the very lightest shade, its the only colour that actually matches my skin out of any foundation I've tried but I found the consistency too runny and liquidy, I wanted it to be more thick so it would be easier to blend if that makes sense? It just means that it takes ages for me to build up the right coverage :(

    Lois x


  18. I bought this foundation a little while ago, I am black and I have very sensitive, dry skin so I bought the darkest shade you can get with this line, '400 Natural Beige'. When swathed on it's about a shade and a half lighter than my skin tone, my skin tone is quite similar to that of Jessica White or Naomi Campbell, but it looked more natural once blended in. I think it only really blended well after I exfoliated and primed my skin literally ten minutes before I applied my foundation. Obviously, I couldn't do this every morning without breaking out (I'm 17) but if I don't I just look like I'm ill haha. But when it works it really works, it's slightly viscous so it's easier to blend in and it gives my skin tone a subtly shimmer to it. I don't think I'll be buying it again though, I don't think it's worth all of the trouble for it to look natural, y'know? :)
    - Tania

  19. I wonder if it would work better if you used it and applied mineral foundation powder over the top of it. I want lots of coverage and can't find anything that seems to work well.

  20. Please can you do a review on the Revlon ColorStay Makeup for Combination/Oily Skin?



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