Most of us will have a pre-bed time routine for me I like to switch of from everyone around me, 
light a candle and get into bed and read a few blogs 
but more on that later first let me share some of my pre-land of nod routine.

So yes a good candle is pretty much essential to helping me chill out
 and at the moment I can not get enough of Neom candles.
For a good blissful ambiance the one scent to invest in is Tranquillity, yes it is Lavender based
but as it constructed using only high quality natural oils the scent is divine not powdery/artificial.
If you struggle to get a peaceful night of rest you simply must pick up this candle, 
I promise you will be out like a light!

I won't dwell too much on my skincare routine but I always moisturise and apply a good night cream
that is suited to my skin type, follow up with a quick dab of eye cream and then a good lip balm.
After that has been done I like to quickly apply some of Johnson's Bedtime Cream which is essentially
a body butter aimed at young children but as it has such a dreamy, sleep evoking scent I can not resist applying it before hopefully counting some fluffy sheep!

Now here is the naughty part of my set up, I like to paint my nails in bed!
Yes it is stupid and can often result in smudged nails but I like to fire up the laptop,
dig out a polish or two and slap it on while reading blogs,
following up with a good hand cream...soft hands are a must.

Speaking of blogs come bedtime the only site I use is Bloglovin', it is the simplest method to follow blogs
on all platforms (tumblr, blogger, wordpress etc) and have all your favourites in one convenient place.
Through Bloglovin' I've found many new and firm favourite blogs from all over the world
and will admit that I'm a little lost without me an hour commute goes by much quicker
when reading about frivolous and pretty things such as the newest must have lipstick on the block!
If you don't already have an account do it now, it's really easy all you need is an email address
and you are got to go!

My word I'm actually sleepy rounding up this post, I think it may be time for me to dig out
some clean pyjamas and put the above steps into action!

Sweet dreams all.

This post was written in conjunction with Bloglovin' for promotional purposes.