Ever a sucker for a theme while ordering my Halloween scents from One Hand Washes the Other
I decided to pick up a few Day of the Dead scents too.
As mentioned in my other post as much as I like the fragrances I think this will be a one off occasion
for myself as I much prefer typical spray on scents but hey ho it is always nice to try something new
every once and a while.


"Named for the sugar skulls which adorn the Day of the Dead altars, this fragrance is sweet and spicy. Cinnamon, sugar, orange, and sweet breads dressed up with a smattering of dried roses 

on a sandalwood altar."

This is such an odd yet really appealing scent, it's sweet yet almost savoury
and unlike anything I have ever experienced and despite the spicy notes listed they are not prevalent.
I would say the most distinctive notes are sugar, orange and rose yet you can detect the bread.
Like I said highly unusual but really yummy and comforting!

Sugar Skulls

"This is a blend inspired by Dia de los Muertos, or, the Day of the Dead, specifically the sweet treats available at this time of year. You'll smell sweet baked goods, vanilla cookies, anise, and roses- all the scents of a stroll through a Mexican neighbourhood at that time of the year."

I don't personally like Anise in real life but enjoy the liquorice like scent when added to perfumes.
To me this is a deep, dark scent that blends perfectly both vanilla and anise really well.
If you like slightly obscure scents like Alien, Ultra Violet and fragrances of that vain this is for you.

OHWTO solid scents cost $5.50 (£3.40) and p&p does depend on weight but I paid $10.95 (£6.80)
for 6 bars of fragrance to be shipped to the UK - link