Today marks the beginning of the Day of the Dead festivities and I have got a few themed posts
for you today kicking off with a cute little quartet of mini nail polishes by OPI.
The small but perfectly formed kit obviously contains four nail polishes and is meant to come with a little pack of water nail decals...mine lacked the little extra but to be honest I'm not all that bothered as I find water nail decals more than a bit of a faff and wouldn't have used them anyway!

Hi Pumpkin
This is a bright crème orange but didn't apply quite as well as I had hoped for, it dries rather patchy
and does need a good few coats (around three) before it becomes opaque but once applied
properly it is a great bright orange and very fitting for this time of the year.

A-Rose from the Dead
Truthfully if you rummage through your stash I would imagine most will have a pink shade that
could easily dupe this polish, that aside it is a bright candy pink that applies much better than Hi Pumpkin.
This required two coats and dried really well, without any patches or streaks.

Mourning Glory
No honestly I have struggled finding a black nail polish that is opaque in one coat,
doesn't streak or patch and has a high gloss finish to prevent the shade becoming flat
and this particular shade ticks all of the boxes, annoyingly you can't purchase it in full size...gah!

Let me level with you I hate the colour yellow, full stop!
So this shade is not for me and probably will never be used but if you like bright egg yolk yellow shades
then you will enjoy this one, the formula is very similar to Hi Pumpkin but it didn't seem to streak
quite so much however it did require three coats before becoming fully opaque.

I do like the little kits OPI bring out to mark selected celebrations and events
as it is a great chance to pick up a few new shades and the mini sizes are perfect for travel
or great for those who never finish a full sized bottle of polish.

OPI So So Skullicious £10.50 (free p&p) via ebay - link

P.S No nail swatches for a few days as like the idiot you all know me to be I had a little

hit n run accident with a knife while carving a pumpkin...nothing serious but a cut finger
does look pretty grim despite being pretty on theme for the occasion.