Continuing with today's Day of the Dead theme I have a jiggly jolly shower treat
that is a jelly that you use in the shower in place of regular, boring shower gel (I jest of course).
Lush do have year round shower jelly's (I highly rate Sweetie Pie) but the seasonable ones do appeal 
to me most...I do love a good novelty item!

"Hallowe’en and skeletons fit together perfectly like a fun and slightly macabre jigsaw! 
Calacas is a wobbly special for October; a shower jelly in the shape of a skull, with a lime and jelly bean scent that will get your lovely bones dancing, however dreary the autumn days are."

As irrational as it is it irks me when brands get their info wrong, Halloween and the Day of the Dead
festivities is not the some occasion nor does it share the same sentiment.
Anyway Calacas translates to skull/skulls in Spanish and is often used this time of the year to title
bath and body products with a sugary sweet scent as a nod towards Sugar Skulls.

Calacas by Lush has a bright lime scent that is sweet yet not overly so,
it is great for a morning shower especially now the weather in the UK is less than pleasant.
This particular shower jelly has been embossed with a Sugar Skull design but the jelly doesn't
really retain the shape all that well so you do have to strain a little to see the out line.

You can use a Shower Jelly in numerous ways, you can freeze it, chill it or use it straight from the tub
which is my preference, it is really slippery so do make sure you have a tight grip of it when in the
shower or you will be chasing it around in the shower which is more frustrating than amusing.
I find the Shower Jellies to cleanse really well but they do not foam quite as much as a typical
shower gel but let's face it they are oodles more fun!

Lush Calacas Shower Jelly £3.25/100g via Lush - link