For the longest while I have had my eye on Illamasqua's Creator nail polish but put off picking it up
as it is a black nail polish and as pretty as it is I know that I won't reach for it all that often.
Well today my day was made when NYC's Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat landed on my doorstep
and it is a really good dupe for aforemention Creator but with a teeny tiny price tag - £1.99!

Unlike Illmasqua's Creator this is a mix of both chunky and fine silver glitter flecks suspended in 
a black jelly base that is perfect for layering over a black nail polish or you can use it to deepen
any other shade you wish, I imagine it would give a vampy edge to a red polish?

On it's own it is not all that opaque but as it is labelled as a top coat why would it be?
I have layered one coat of NYC's Rock Muse over Rococo's Supergloss Black Creme
and love that it adds plenty of sparkle yet does not loose it's glossy finish.
If you like black nail polish but hate the flatness that often comes with such shades I highly suggest
picking up this top coat and let's face it is perfect for the festive season too!

NYC Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat* £1.99/9.7ml and is available from selected Superdrugs
but for other stockists you can visit NYC's web page - link