I say Winter when really I mean a colder weather skin care routine but it didn't quite have the same ring 
to it so the Winter description shall have to suffice.
Typically I have oily skin but at the moment the combination of the cold weather, gusty winds and
central heating has dried my skin out a little and I would go as far as saying I currently have as close to
a normal skin type as I have ever had but to stop my skin drying out completely I have stepped up my game.

Facial Washes and Scrubs

If you had told me I would be using and loving not one but two oil based products a few months ago,
I would have laughed in your face but Clarins Pure Melt Cleansing Gel is my skin saviour.
It cleanses like no other, removing even the most stubborn make-up like Double Wear foundation with
ease and leaves my skin feeling soft and cleansed in one quick step.
I also credit it for my blemish free skin...four weeks and counting without a spot!
It honestly is the best cleanser I have ever used and one I will continue to repurchase, it is the one thing I look forward to using each day, find it here - link.

Truthfully I'm not a massive fan of facial scrubs most irritate my skin and do more harm than good
but I do understand that exfoliating the skin is important in order to remove any dead skin cells
and buff away dry skin but that doesn't mean I enjoy it.
The one scrub that seems to be working really well for my skin type is No7's Beautiful Skin Purifying Exfoliator which is gentle but effective and fairly well priced.
I only use this once maybe twice a week which is enough for my skin surface.
If you have oily/combination skin and find scrubs abrasive I suggest picking this up next time the £5 off No7
vouchers do the rounds, find it here - link


My day cream is Origins Make A Difference Plus + ( I use the variation for oily/combination skin) which is a light yet hydrating formula that helps to brighten and rejuvenate my skin, I also find it to be quite balancing and help control any excess oil.
It absorbs into my skin quickly and leaves a semi-matte finish making it perfect for applying my foundation on top of each morning, find it here - link

As I mentioned my skin is slightly drier than usual so I have been using a slightly more hydrating moisturiser
in the evening as my night cream, due to my skin being problematic I do steer clear of thick, heavy creams
and have been relying on Clinique's Moisture Surge Intense moisturiser which is a gel based product
that boosts the skin's moisture levels without being heavy.
I use this as an evening cream but if you have extremely dry skin that is uncomfortable I can imagine
this to be a complete life saver and it does make a great night treatment too! Find it here - link

Next up is the surprise product which is an oil and something I normally swear off as well.
I hate the sensation and texture of oil products but the way I find works best for me is to add a drop every second night to my night cream, this way I get the added boost of moisture and all the skin balancing proprieties that Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil has to offer without the greasy feel.
Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil is apparently a natural astringent so perhaps that is why I have been
blemish free? I'm not sure if this will be used once the winter chill has passed but for now I feel it is a much needed extra, find it here - link.


After I have cleansed my face in the morning which is normally done quickly in the shower truth be told,
I slap on Origins Make A Difference Plus + moisturiser and once that has absorbed I apply a thin layer
of Origins GinZing eye cream which is great for banishing dark circles and de-puffing my eyes,
something my under eye area is notorious for. Find it here - link

I am huge fan of Balance Me's Wonder Eye Cream it soothes, heals and hydrates and is probably my favourite ever eye cream, I do tend to use this at night and go for something that brightens the skin
first thing in the morning but if you are looking for an affordable great all round eye cream
then you would be hard pushed to beat this. Find it here - link

Annoyingly the best eye make-up remover I have encountered thus far is also the most pricey one
I have ever tested but as it comes in a huge 300ml bottle and you only need the tiniest amount to
remove even waterproof mascara I guess the price is justified?
Sisley's Gentle Make-Up Remover can be used to remove your full face of make-up should you wish
but I never feel fully clean doing that and reserve my bottle for eye make-up only.
I have rather sensitive eyes and a tendency to only wear waterproof jet black mascara but Sisley's Gentle Make-Up Remover makes light work of removing all traces of my eye make-up without irritating my eyes
or leave me looking like a distressed Panda! Find it here - link

Does your facial routine change depending on the seasons too?