The Indian practise of Ayurveda takes a holistic approach by directing us to a healthier and more balanced lifestyle through the combination of mind, body, senses and the soul. 
Inspired by the wisdom of this philosophy, Palmolive is bringing the spirit of Ayurveda to your shower time, with three invigorating experiences two of which I have been trying out in my roasty toasty morning showers!

Normally when the winter months come a knocking I order copious amounts of Korres shower gel -
the vanilla cinnamon version is a particular favourite as it is warm and comforting but as that is not
always the easiest brand to source the new Palmolive Ayuriuel shower gels could not have come at 
a better time.

As to be expected they cleanse wonderfully well and do not strip the skin of its moisture which is 
particularly important in the chillier months.
I have been trailing the energy version which is a blend of Indian sandalwood and ginger fragrances
which sort of reminds me of Johnson's baby bath in terms of scent but slightly stronger
and more adult based if that at all makes sense?
Basically it is comforting as it is so familiar and with the warmth of a shower it does set you up wonderfully
in the evening for a good nights sleep.
If morning showers are more your thing then the tranquillity version may be more your cup of tea
as the blend of Indian Neem and Patchouli is a brighter, fresher scent that is a great wake up call
without being zesty or out of place on a cold winters morning.

Avaliable now from most supermarkets and chemists such as Boots and Superdrug.*