While I thoroughly believe that every woman should have a signature scent I was taught from an early age
that much like clothing some fragrances are best suited to certain seasons and having a little collection
of perfumes can often pay dividends.

So yes I do like to mix up every now and then but you can bet your bottom dollar that my beloved
and signature Alien will always get an outing and has done since I was a teenager.

Alien by Thierry Mugler EDP 60ml/£67 via House of Fraser - link

I must own or have owned every single variation of Alien , yes the limited editions can be a little
hit and miss but on the whole I can not be without this purple elixir.
Alien is such a difficult scent to pin point but make no mistake it is original and forever memorable.
Admittedly I do like strong scents and this is definitely one of those and much like every other Thierry Mugler
parfum it seemingly divides us all into two camps: love and loathe.
This is my signature scent and one I will never tire off.

Angel by Thierry Mugler EDT £46/40ml via House of Fraser - link

I always feel like an impostor when I spritz this fragrance on as it is my mother's favourite
and signature scent but she does wear the slightly stronger parfume version, I prefer the lighter
eau de toilette variation as it isn't quite as over powering.
I only ever wear this when the colder, darker days arrive as I feel it is too heavy for anything else
and it can be a little dominating but none the less a lovely, once again original scent that is distinctive.

Tom Ford Black Orchid EDP £/50ml via Selfridges - link

I've only very recently blogged about this in full despite owning it for several years.
This is not my favourite fragrance by a long shot but something about it's deep, spicy, grown up notes
can often lure me in but my gosh is it strong and normally one I reserve for evening wear.
Black Orchid is unlike anything else I own but the one I rely on when I need a little injection of
glamour and sophistication into my daily life.

Malin + Goetz Rum Tonic EDT £37/30ml via Space NK - link

This is another fairly new addition to my fragrance collection and is perhaps the only other scent
apart from Alien that I would wear all year around.
When reviewing this a few weeks back I struggled in fully defining the scent well after a good few wears
I can conclude that the reason I like it so much and find it comforting is because it reminds me of
freshly washed clothing and bed sheets.
It is fresh, unisex, slightly sexy and the perfect day time scent.

Hugo Boss Boss Nuit EDP £47/50ml via House of Fraser - link

I'm not really a huge floral scent wearer other than this and Victor and Rolf's Flowerbomb.
Boss Nuit is a deep, dark, floral fragrance that is feminine yet edgy and a great choice for the Autumn/Winter
months when you want something a little stronger but not overpowering.
Floral scents don't always wear all that well on my skin but this one lingers and softens throughout
the day without every truly disappearing.

Do you have any perfume's that you reserve for the colder seasons?