Friday, November 16, 2012

Country Home Scents Wax Tarts - Christmas Fragrances

I am well and truly in Christmas mode, there is even rumblings of putting the tree up early!
Okay most of said chat is coming from me but this year certainly feels more Christmassy than last
and I would love nothing more than a heavy snow fall to lark around in.
Anyway before I start typing out Christmas Carol's let's get on with the post.

The last few days all I have been burning around the house is Christmas scents
and the tarts that I have been firing up the most have been from Country Home Scents.
Now that I have tested all of the scents, I thought I would share my thoughts in case anyone
is looking for festive fragrances for the home.

Country Home Scents - Christmas Hearth

"Smells like a warm cosy night curled up by the fire! 
A blend of orange, fir and a hint of earthy smokiness"

In my house baking and the hanging of the stockings is saved until the last minute on Christmas Eve,
so our home is filled with yummy food scents and the warmth of a roaring fire and this is exactly
what this scent reminds me off.
This is quite a strong almost masculine scent and mimics the fragrance of a winter fire the most
but there is a slight fruity edge thanks to the orange addition.

Country Home Scents - Cookies For Santa

"The aroma of cookies set out for Santa! Freshly baked cookies with a blend of spices and vanilla!"

When I was younger I used to love leaving out a plate of cookies and a glass of something cold for Santa
and a few carrots for Santa's reindeer, okay in our house as we are Scottish the cookies were forever Shortbread based and the glass of something cold was always a glass of Irn-Bru,
we are nothing if not patriotic!

Anyway this rings nothing like that but is a light, creamy vanilla scent that has a slight baked, warm
aroma...a little like freshly baked sponge cake.
I can not detect any spicy notes and find this to be a lovely, comforting vanilla based fragrance.

Country Home Scents - Country Christmas

"A warm and cosy aroma for the holiday season! 
A mix of orange, apple, cinnamon and nutmeg with a blend of vanilla and buttercream!"

This one is for those that like cinnamon based scents but find them a little too heavy on their own,
this has a strong cinnamon edge but is muted a little with the fruity notes.
In my opinion the two most obvious notes are cinnamon and apple but somehow it is perfectly festive and really warms a room.

Country Home Scents -  Scent of Christmas

"If you could bottle up Christmas this is what it would smell like....smells like Christmas! 
A mix of ripe berries and plums mixed with spruce!"

Every home needs a fruity, berry scent at least once a year.
This is a ripe, very berry scent that is zesty and is a lovely change of pace from the typical spicy or vanilla based scents we see reeled out every year.

Country Home Scents - Sugar Plum 

Sugar plums dancing in your head! 
Sugar plums, berries and a touch of spruce will make this a holiday favourite!

I have never encountered Sugared Plums but as we all over indulge a little...okay a lot
around the festive period I think the odd sweet scent is appropriate.
This is a super sugar based candy like fragrance that reminds me of the sugary Jelly Tots sweets.
It's bright and fresh but can become a little sickly after a while.

As always I bought my Country Home Scents wax tarts directly from Country Home Scents - link,
they do deliver to the UK/International and shipping prices vary.

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  1. These all look adorable!

  2. When I saw this on my "dashboard" I literally thought it was a post related to food! These wax tarts seem amazing!

  3. Those are really pretty. I started burning holiday candles today :)

  4. This is amazing, I love christmas smells!


  5. They look so nice a d christmassy!:)

  6. Christmas hearth sounds like my fave of the lot, love the candle posts, keep 'em coming!

  7. I seriously want to eat the one with the gumdrop on! I bet they smell wonderful.

  8. Shortbread and Irn-Bru, who can say no to that! :D
    These tarts are so cute! x

  9. These tarts smell so good, I have the sugar plum and cookies for Santa. Christmas is my favourite time to buy candles as they all smell A-mazing!


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